Salesian Missions of New Rochelle, New York ~ August 2, 2012

#MOFU 077671, 8/2/12, Our fourth container of the year was shipped to Lima, Peru for the Salesian Missions of New Rochelle, New York. The Salesians had built a new center for the elderly and infirmed, and we were able to equip the center with a variety of institutional furnishings and medical supplies and equipment. The feedback was excellent, and we produced a brochure with the photography sent illustrating the delivery and unloading of the shipment. Also Temple University donation of stainless steel dietary carts was instrumental for the center, and we shipped 90 mattresses from the York Hospital of York, PA. New clothing came from VS Sports of Manhattan, and lots of linen from our regular hospital donors. This was our second container of the year for the Salesians.

Boxes filled with trays and carts for the kitchen and the cafeteria, computer tables, big filing cabinets, washing machine, dressers, cleaning buckets, reclinable chairs, and other chairs, and linens arrive at Tabor House, a retreat for children and the elderly in Lima, Peru.


Mattress pads lay stacked and ready for distribution to various institutions in Lima, Peru, including a home for the elderly and a small hospital that provides care for the most destitute. Salesian Missions partnered with Mission Relief Services to put a container together of much needed supplies for an August 2012 arrival.


  Wheelchairs arrive to San Pedro hospital in Lima, Peru.


Unloading much needed mattress pads for a The Tabor, a retreat in Lima, Peru for children and the elderly.


Unloading the truck at Tabor House, a retreat for children and the elderly.

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