Healey International Relief Foundation sponsors container for the Seruba Hospital in Sierra Leone

Container #TCLU 185443 0, Seal #103927.

The Healey International Relief Foundation heard about Mission Relief Services, and asked for our assistance in helping them with a container project for the Seruba Hospital in Sierra Leone. We collected beans, food stuffs, and hand carts from the Gain (Global Aid Network) warehouse near Lancaster PA, and we collected a truckload of items from the Healey offices in Lumberton, New Jersey. The container was shipped from Coatesville, and Healey Foundation directors were there to photograph and to witness the loading of this container to a new hospital in Africa. Physical Therapy items, toys, lawnmowers, bicycles, and many other medical surgical items were included in this shipment. It is always a plus to work with a group that has a significant presence in a country, and a new facility to equip.