2014 Activity notes from the Director

Mission Relief Services accommodates our regional hospital donors and our worldwide recipients with a complete service, and we distribute the finest materials to the areas with the greatest needs. We cast our net far and wide collecting equipment and supplies, and our growing hospital community depends on us. The support of projects that we and our partners develop is to serve worldwide medical missions, and providing care for the very poor.

The Ebola outbreak has ignited our mission, and we have the materials to help those on the frontline in the fight against time and this disease. We are filling orders for West African countries, and we are supporting the local efforts of those helping their homelands.

In 2014 we have shipped 7 containers into West Africa, and we have provided local Liberian efforts with pallets of supplies and equipment. But there is more to the story than the container roster that follows. We are still supporting two major projects in Honduras, and we have hospitals and clinics in Haiti that will be receiving medical supplies, linens and equipment from Mission Relief Services.

We are eager to resume our shipments to Panama, and we are shipping to Guatemala in December. We are also planning to ship a container to Nigeria for Sister Lena Nwaenyi of Rosemont. We were able to provide personal care items for the Pardi Pardada girls school in India, and we provided supplies and dental equipment for Mali, Africa and Burkina Faso, Africa, and the more recipients the better.

Our specialty is container loads of products directly into the field. A door to door possibility that provides an enormous amount of valuable and functional materials to the poorest and the remote. Containers hold a tremendous amount of valuable material, and they provide the greatest possible source for creating velocity in mission.

James P Harrison III