Container Shipped to Liberia

Container #CMAU 4722777 3, Seal# 3020480.

Container shipped to Liberia and the Lutheran Church. UNIBOA or the United Bassa (Liberia) Organization in the Americas sponsored this shipment and the Lutheran Church in Liberia will help with logistics and customs. Bassa members in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey put this shipment together and participated in the loading. Once again we filled the container with over 100 walkers, crutches, pediatric wheelchairs, and furnishings. Shelving from Temple Hospital and gloves from Pennsylvania hospital created walls of shrink wrapped gloves and shelving on wheels. Ambulance cots from Pennsylvania Hospital and stretchers from the Lankanau Hospital in Wynnewood added both value and functionality to the load. Bassa will ship again to Liberia before the year ends.2000px-Location_Liberia_AU_Africa_svg