Guinean Community in New York Funds Container to Liberia

Container #SEGU 420360 1, Seal#A120051.

Every container has its own story, and our third container this August filled an unusual need. Once we shipped to Haiti and the project was sponsored by a Cameroonian foundation, and this container to Liberia mirrors that outreach. Members of a Guinean community in New York funded this container to Liberia to support Guineans in Liberia. Although we may not hear about it, but Guinea is going through a very difficult period and many have fled to the more stable Liberia. These Guineans refugees need help, so the Aliou Bah Foundation and the Fullah Progressive Union of the Bronx sponsored this shipment. Linens, mattresses, furnishings, medical supplies, surgical equipment , infant warmers, Billi lights, beds and a crib filled the shipment.

It seems that West Africa is more fluid and accommodating than the rest.