Container Shipped for the Panama Consulate

Container #TGHU 691763 2, Seal# 630059.

Henry Yoncon and two other members of the Panama Consulate office visited Mission Relief in early June to examine our inventory, and plan for several shipments to this Central American country. After a tour of the warehouse and a brief trip to the Amish country, the Panamanians returned to Panama and left a deposit for a container shipment. Henry returned in August and we shipped out a very nice container of patient room furniture and items for a pediatric suite. Large quantities of surgical gloves from Hahnemann Hospital and syringes from St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children complimented the shipment. The container should arrive in Balboa in three weeks, and additional containers will follow. Georgia Athanasopulos, the consulate of Panama on Chestnut street in Philadelphia, was a big help with the project.

**** 4 containers shipped out in one month !!!