Container shipped for Viviane Dicoum to Cameroon

Container #MSKU 9833826, seal#0720059, Cameroon

Viviane Dicoum is originally from Cameroon, and now she lives in Laurel Maryland, and works as a nurse in a hospital near Baltimore. She is married to a Senegalese, so French is the language spoken at home. Like many African Americans from Africa, she wanted to do something for her homeland and develop a humanitarian shipment for a clinic and hospital. Cameroon is not an easy place to ship to, and our last container there was in 2012 for the Newark Delaware Rotary. But Viviane was determined to support her homeland, so we loaded a container with all types of basics, and we even included a Nissan Altima in the shipment to offset the costs.

Even individuals are able to participate in humanitarian aid with MRS.

Map of Cameroon