The Great White Fleet

The Great White Fleet is a charitable program operated by Chiquita Banana  and other fruit companies.  They ship fruit from Central America in large 40 foot containers which are unloaded in the United States.  On the return trip, Chiquita leases the containers to organizations such as Mission Relief  Services which ships much needed mission supplies to needy countries.

The origin of the name, Great White Fleet, dates to the early 1900’s when President Theodore Roosevelt painted a fleet of navy cruisers white.   This Great White Fleet toured Central America in a show of American diplomacy.

Chiquita allots two containers a year to each charitable organization which participates.  The two container allotment is obtained several times by Mission Relief Services by registering several of the charitable organizations with whom the Service works.  Last year, Trinity completed the paperwork necessary to become a Great White Fleet participant.

Chiquita Ships Fruit to the U.S. and Ships Mission Supplies to Honduras on the Return Trip.

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