The Stone Rolled Away

Highlights: Reported By: Zambiaitc

Good news!  The 20-foot container for shipping to Zambia will be packed on Monday!

We have continued to receive wonderful donations of books (amazing books), computers, clothing, linens, desks, filing cabinets, whiteboards, bulletin boards, an audio-visual stand, single bed mattresses, folding chairs, a well-stocked first aid kit, bookcases, magazine and periodical rack, tools (and the list goes on) for shipping to Zambia International Theological College (ZITC)! This container will be packed full! Just last night a friend called to say he had two laptops to send and two desktops to add to the six we already have, apologizing that he did not have monitors. We said, “That’s okay. God will provide monitors.” And he did. This morning a co-worker came to Sandra saying “I have two monitors, but no computers. Can you use just monitors?” Guess what Sandra said. “You betcha!”

Tomorrow the items that have been swelling our garage will be collected and held in an enclosed truck until Monday when the container will be delivered to a warehouse in Coatesville, which is managed by Jim Harrison of Mission Relief Services. Our items will be loaded into the container and then Jim will fill it the rest of the way with things we have chosen from his warehouse.

We are truly excited to see what God is bringing to pass and cannot wait to see the excitement on the other side of the ocean when the container arrives at ZITC! All of you who have donated to our ministry so far have had a part in this, whether you knew it or not, because we used a large portion of that money, which we have been saving for purchase of a used vehicle and household items, to pay for this shipment, trusting God to replace it. So, we are ALL having a part in what we believe will be a God-given boost for ZITC, with a truly substantial library, classroom furniture and supplies.

We feel as if God has rolled away the stone!

Sandra and Nelson Hayashida

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