Monthly Archives: January 2006

Feedback from the Frontlines: Zambia

1/31/06: “I write to acknowledge the receipt of the container of hospital supplies donated for use at our hospital. The contents of the container were found to be valuable and will go along way in alleviating the problem of scarce hospital supplies we are faced with. Thank you very much for the donation and may God bless you.”  Yours sincerely,
Mukuma Kalambo, Executive Director
Macha Mission Hospital, Choma, Zambia

Mission Relief Ships Container to Jamaica

1/27/2006: Container #CSVU 402190-9. This container was shipped to the National Children’s Home, and The Child Development Agency in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. Epworth United Methodist Church of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware developed the contacts and sponsored the shipment. A variety of beds, mattresses, furniture, medical and institutional items were sent to this children’s home in Jamaica. $2,138.00

Mission Relief Ships Container to Guatemala

1/19/2006: Container #CBFU 344807 7. This container was shipped out of the former Alpine Village Nursing Home in Hershey, PA to Guatemala, CA. Mission Relief Services developed the shipment for the Pan American Development Foundation, and HELPS International of Dallas, TX. The furnishings equipped a hospital unit, and teams from Texas often travel there to perform surgery etc. $ 2,500.00