Monthly Archives: July 2006

Mission Relief Ships Container to Ethiopia

7/26/06: Container #MSKU 691750-1 This container was shipped to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Youth Outreach International and Dr. Richard Niemeyer of Lancaster, PA. Medical supplies and equipment to develop rural clinics were shipped in the container. Many items came from the former Woman’s Hospital and MCP, Medical College of Pennsylvania, in East Falls, Philadelphia. $16,658.00

Feedback from the Front Lines: Belarus

Office Location: Belarus

CTP 5746-001: Beth Messiah Congregation

Project Number: Project #04, Minsk, Belarus

Project Name: Minsk City Clinical Hospital #05

Cargo Description: Used/New Hygiene/Household/Office Furniture, Items, and Wheelchairs.

Load Date: 07-Apr-06

Distribution: 20-Jul-06

The hospital, which was one of major recipients of the cargo, is a very large Minsk hospital. That fact that irt is so large make the hospital never receive enough funding for their operations. Many of their wards are empty as there are no funds to fully equip them. So the delivery of hospital beds and office furniture, bedding and wheelchairs was just in time. The hospital was able to equip a lot their wards with newer, new water-proof mattresses and good linens. There also are a lot of people who are not able to move around without outside assistance, so the wheelchairs helped a lot to move patients around the hospital for all kinds of medical treatments and therapy. In the past the nurses had to use stretchers or gurneys for this purpose.