Monthly Archives: September 2006

Mission Relief Ships Container to Ethiopia

9/21/06: Container TRIU 569297 0. Another container sent to Ethiopia, and this time we shipped for the Ethiopian “Orphans of AIDS” Foundation of California. is equipping remote clinics throughout Ethiopia, and our container for them went to Sister Yemegnushal Haile and her Sululta Clinic a great distance from the capital city of Addis Ababa. $ 32,599.00

Feedback from the Front Lines: Belarus

Office Location: Belarus

CTP 5893-001: Beth Messiah Congregation

Project Number: Project #18, Minsk, Belarus

Project Name: Gantsevichy Raion Territorial Medical Amalgamation, Medical

Cargo Description: Furniture

Load Date: 02-Mar-06

Distribution: 06-Sep-06

The Gantsevichy Raion territorial medical Amalgamation is a governmental medical services provider. The hospital is located in the Brest Oblast, but very far away from the major local cities. Due to this there is a great lack of funding to buy medical equipment and supplies. The local government is not able to help as this Raion is probably the poorest in the whole country. The sol is not very rich and agriculture is not very productive.

The hospital did not have a lot of modern and new equipment and the local staff was not able to provide an extensive medical assistance to the local population. Now that the hospital received medical equipment and supplies, the hospital was able to fully furnish several new wards to provide more services to patients. Thanks to the furniture (potty chairs the hospital staff was able to improve hygiene conditions in the hospital and make stay in the hospital more comfortable for the patients.

Vyacheslav Sakovich, the head Doctor of the hospital says: “The assistance was very timely and great; we received a lot of the much needed medical furniture, supplies. The most important items for us were beds and wheelchairs – we were able to replace the old “Societ” metal beds with soft and water-proof mattresses. Now it is very easy to take care of the patients and the hygiene conditions have improved greatly”

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

9/12/06: Container #CBFU 3450069. This shipment went to the office of the First Lady in Honduras. Clinical and surgical equipment and supplies were in the shipment. Sterilizers, centrifuges, stretchers, microscopes and many electrical items were included. Honduras has the same electrical outlets as the United States, so our equipment is immediately ready to use. A new Children’s Hospital is being developed. $ 27,466.00

Feedback from the Front Lines: Belarus

Office Location: Belarus

CTP 6075-001: Beth Messiah Congregation

Project Number: Project #05, Minsk, Belarus

Project Name: City Children’s Infection Clinical Hospital, Medical-Prevention

Cargo Description: Used Household/Office/Recreational Equipment, Furniture and Supplies.

Load Date: 09-Jun-06

Distribution: 09-Sep-06

The city children infection hospital is a very big institution. They did not have a lot modern beds and equipment. The hospital is very clean and the staff does a lot to keep the hospital running like that. However, a lot of articles of hospital and office furniture, let alone bedding and medical clothing are very old, so the tables and chairs were used to renovate the wards. The wheelchairs were ideal for the emergency department. Special gratitude was expressed for the workout machines and walkers, as these items help a lot improve rehabilitation process.