Monthly Archives: December 2006

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

12/21/06: Container#GSTU788278-1, This container benefited all three of our partners in Honduras. Surgical supplies and equipment were shipped for the First Lady’s office and the Children’s hospital, and the CCD (Christian Coalition for Development) received 200 bags of clothing and furnishings for their projects. While a Presbyterian Church received a new pulpit, compliments of the Strasburg Presbyterian Church. This container also contained 10,000 Beenie Babies for the children’s programs of Honduras. $ 37,350.00

Feedback from the Frontlines: Belarus

12/3/06: “It was great. Everywhere I went I saw stuff you sent. I want you to know that the only (there is only one) hospice in Belarus for adults is furnished by Mission Relief Services. Check out the attached pictures” Alana Faith Rothman humanitarian aid coordinator for Beth Messiah Congregation, Loveland Ohio and Minsk, Belarus

Message from the President

I personally had the opportunity to travel to the southern region of Honduras in October. This is one of the poorest areas of Honduras, which is one of the poorest countries of the Americas. I was welcomed by representatives from the Christian Commission for Development, an organization that assure safe delivery of Mission Relief Supplies in Honduras. They took me to clinics and hospitals who have received Mission Relief supplies.

All of the Hondurans in these clinics and hospitals were very grateful for the equipment and supplies given. Simple things like scales, exam tables, and exam lamps are treasured.. I would encourage you to travel with Steve to witness this wonderful mission.

James P Harrison III.