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Beth Messiah Aid

From: Rothman, Alana
Subject: Info

Beth Messiah Aid is a ministry of Beth Messiah Messianic Synagogue. Our mission is to provide humanitarian relief to the poor and needy people of Belarus through a partnership with Stewart and Chantal Winograd located in Minsk, Belarus. We are ministry committed to demonstrating God’s love in a practical and life changing way.

The History

A humanitarian aid partnership between Beth Messiah and Stewart and Chantal Winograd began in 2001. Alana Faith Rothman of Beth Messiah traveled to Minsk as part of a ministry trip sponsored by congregation Brit Chadasha. She was immediately struck by the difficult social, economic, and medical conditions the people deal with everyday. A new relationship formed as Alana shared the vision to help those in need throughout Belarus.Beth Messiah Aid is committed to providing the poor and needy in Belarus with the basic necessities they so desperately need. Our ministry serves over fifty organizations, including Holocaust Survivors, orphanages, hospitals, organizations for handicapped children and adults and Chernobyl Invalids just to name a few. We are also able to assist many individuals that are in need of hope and healing such as elderly shut-ins, single parent families and many others.

ImpactWith the assistance of partner organizations, Beth Messiah has sent fourteen forty-foot containers to Belarus, over $850,000 worth of aid. We have been able to send dried fruits, clothing, medical supplies, furniture, household items, personal care items, toys and crafts just to name a few. It is through the generosity of organizations such Mission Relief Services that Beth Messiah Aid has been able to provide the poor and needy with the basic needs of life. Specifically, with the assistance from Mission Relief Services, Beth Messiah Aid had been able to make a major impact on improving the conditions of Gansevitchy Regional Hospital located 2 hours outside of Minsk. This institution has been without hot water for over 4 years and lacks in many areas including disposable medical supplies, surgical equipment and functional furniture such as beds and mattresses. Together with Mission Relief Services, we are improving the conditions and changing lives for the better.

Alana Faith Rothman, MBA
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