Monthly Archives: August 2007

Mission Relief Ships Container to Nepal

8/30/07: Container# IMTU 303644 6 22G1. This twenty foot container is going to the top of the world: Kathmandu, Nepal. Friends of the Patan Hospital have sponsored this very specialized load of pediatric intensive care equipment and supplies. Ventilators, and incubators from the Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital in New Jersey, as well as OR equipment and lighting from the Chester County Hospital all went into this container project. Infant basinets and trauma carts from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were shipped to this 450 bed hospital high up in the Himalaya Mountains.

Pediatric surgery, recovery, and birthing will all be easier with the items that we loaded on this special container going to a very special place. The top of the world!

Mission Relief Ships Container to Ethiopia

8/23/07: Container# ICSU 185073 4. EOA- Ethiopian Orphans of AIDS is now called The World Family. This organization based in Milpitas California works closely with the ministry of Health of Ethiopia, and develops clinics throughout the countryside of this African country. Mission Relief shipped a container filled with physician office material, and general hospital and surgical supplies to Ethiopia for The World Family. This durable equipment will go to the Gambella Hospital that serves an area of over 300,000 people.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Guatemala

8/22/07: Container# CBFU 344458 0. It is back to Guatemala, and another container for HELPS International and their clinic down in Sololá. This truckload contained a complete dental unit with compressor, and many pediatric items for their inpatient and outpatient clinic. HELPS working with the University of Guatemala has developed a major training facility for both doctors from the US and Guatemala to work. Mission Relief Services has furnished this clinic right down to the coffee makers and TV’s.