Monthly Archives: February 2008

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

2/27/08: Container #TRIU 770249 1. This shipment to southern Honduras was sponsored the Union Rescue Mission, and the Universal Aide Society of British Columbia. Both the Office of the First Lady’s pediatric programs in Tegucigalpa, and the Hospital Choluteca benefited from all the infant equipment donated by the Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital of Browns Mill New Jersey. Newborn and infant clothing and surgical drapes were donated by the giant laundry Hospital Services Corp of Allentown. The container arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night, and a large group was there to help unload.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

2/18/08, container# CBFU 345384 9. Hospital Choluteca in the southern region of Honduras had wooden IV poles until they received this February container. Dental equipment was also sent. The recipients that benefited the most from this container may have been the children at Pespire school. They loved their new school desks, computer tables, office desks and filing cabinets from Villanova University. The southern region of Honduras is a continual project with focus on the hospitals, churches, children, and municipalities.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Columbia

2/6/08: 53’ tractor trailer. Mission Relief Services provided a tractor trailer load of equipment and supplies for the Pan American Development Foundation’s Washington warehouse. Infant and pediatric projects in Columbia and South American countries benefited from our products that were shipped to PADF. The Pan American Development Foundation and Mission Relief Services are constantly working to provide the very best to our Latin America recipients and children.