Monthly Archives: February 2009

Mission Relief Ships Container to PADF for South America

2/12/09: We provided a tractor trailer load of medical equipment and furnishings to the Pan American Development Foundation warehouse near the Dulles airport in Washington, DC. By coordinating with St. Luke’s hospital in Bethlehem, and having the truck come to Coatesville, we were able to completely fill a large truck to compliment PADF’s humanitarian projects in South America.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

2/12/09: Container# TGHU 991592 6. This container to Tegucigalpa Honduras contained items for the Central American Relief Efforts, as well as for the Keeter Family from Gaston, North Carolina. Besides the dental and medical equipment for the CARE clinics, the Keeter’s received the personal and needed items that they had delivered to Mission Relief for this container. Little did we know that additional mission families would also benefit in 2009 from logistical support provided by Mission Relief? The Keeter Family are well established missionaries in Honduras, and now have more items for support.