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First Quarter Activity in 2010

Dear Friends in Christ,

Mission Relief Services is proud to announce a healthy beginning to our second decade of elevating the poor, and supporting hospitals in the developing world.  All of us involved in international relief work have witnessed a burst of activity with the horrific earthquake in Haiti. Here is a list of some of our projects.

  • Immediately following the quake, we provided a tractor trailer load of hospital supplies for Florida based relief efforts. Also we worked with several new donors to process collected items, and make them available for future shipments. Additional requests have followed, and more shipments are being prepared.

  • Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster led a trip of F&M students to Honduras, and Mission Relief provided a container for distribution to clinics and hospitals when the team arrived.

  • Serving at the Crossroads is a West Chester based Christian charity that built a new clinic in La Entrada Honduras. We provided logistical support during the construction of their clinic, and in March we shipped a container for SATC that will help equip and furnish the new facility. Also we included items that will complete a new birthing center in this Honduran town.

  • The Lady Lions Club of Panama City, Republic of Panama, sponsored a container for their Children’s Hospital in this capital city. This was our second recent shipment to this hospital, so they are excited about receiving another humanitarian cargo of cribs, beds, wheelchairs, supplies, linens and other requested items for the hospitalized children living in the Canal Zone.

  • Additional shipments for Jamaica, Haiti, and Greece are planned for late March and early April, and Happy Easter to all!

Yours truly,
Jim Harrison, President

Mission Relief Ships Container to Greece

4/7/10: Container# CMAU 531809. In the middle of the economic turmoil in Greece, Mission Relief shipped a container to the hospitals in Athens. This container included hospital mattresses and furniture for the patient rooms, and linen and other items including wheelchairs. The facilities in need are hospitals for the elderly and homeless elderly and other indigent citizens that are incapacitated.  Most of the items shipped mirrored the furniture and equipment found in American nursing homes. Now they have requested two additional containers from Mission Relief for the island of Crete.