Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mission Relief Ships Container to Jamaica

5/20/10:  Container# GESU 5169597.  Michael Troupe is the director of facilities for the Philadelphia area YMCA’s. Michael grew up in Jamaica, and his father passed away after spending 100 days in the Kingston Public Hospital (Victoria Jubilee) in Jamaica. Michael saw the challenging conditions of the public hospital, and was able to raise the funds to ship a container there. Thankfully, Shire Pharmaceuticals of Chesterbrook, PA funded the shipment to this national hospital, and we have been eager to ship to Jamaica for some time. The shipment included books from The Chester County Hospital’s fall festival, as well as medical textbooks from our own collections. Hospital care is provided for free in this Jamaican hospital, so you can imagine the conditions and lack of materials. The container included mattresses, supplies, equipment, and patient room furniture that were requested by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica.

Mission Relief Ships Container to the Dominican Republic

5/6/10:  Container# EMCU 9603609. The Dominican Republic has felt many of the after effects of the Haitian earthquake, and we shipped to the children’s hospital Dario Contreras in Santo Domingo.  Wheelchairs from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were included, and many cases of new pajamas from HCSC of Allentown.  The COR Foundation of Germany and the Netherlands was the sponsor of the shipment, and the recipients were delighted with the results. The greatest beneficiaries were those with Leprosy (Hansen’s disease) in a nearby hospital at San Cristobel. Patients, who had to be carried, received wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other walking aids. We received great photographs of those residents who could now “rise up and walk.” This container was one of the most rewarding shipments of the year, and we need to remember Leprosy is not a biblical disease! Also thanks to MMI or Medical Ministries International of Parkesburg for all their help.