Monthly Archives: June 2010

Mission Relief Ships Container to Chile

6/29/10:  Container# USM670708, June 29, 2010. This shipment to the earthquake troubled region in Chile contained beds from the Pittsburgh VA hospital, and more beds and mattresses from Mission Relief. Pilar Heraud from the Pan American Development Foundation visited Mission Relief, and she participated in the loading of the container. We have worked together for several years, so it was good to have her here for a load, and to support another disaster project.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

6/20/10:  Container# GATU858821. For over five years we have been working with “Serving at the Crossroads” of West Chester, PA to help them develop their clinics in the Copan region of Honduras. Thanks to SATC the town of La Entrada has a new 10,000 square foot clinic that was dedicated in July 2010, and built by Serving at the Crossroads.  Mission Relief Services has provided logistical support to this group of believers since the inception of this project, and this shipment provided additional items for the new clinic, as well as a birthing center in the nearby town. Of all the projects that we have witnessed over the years, this has been one of the most inspirational and aggressive of them all Congratulations to all the participants!

Mission Relief Ships Container to Hunduras

6/15/10:  Container# MSCU 8074726.  Marvin and Beatrix Hernandez of Pespire Honduras were in town for this Honduran shipment. The Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster depend on Marvin and Beatrix to help facilitate a variety of projects in southern Honduras, and it is always good to have them participate in a load.  Dietary equipment and restaurant supplies, as well as medical and surgical supplies were shipped. The Rotary clubs also provided items in a big way for their clinics and helped with the unloading. Even municipality donations were included for the mayor and town council of Pespire. Teams in July from Lancaster will help distribute the donations to this area that is so grateful to CARE and its projects.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Jamaica

6/9/10: Container# TCNU870670. The Issa Trust Foundation of Florida and Iowa works in rural Jamaica supporting children’s health initiatives by leading teams to serve there. Also the Port Maria Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, and North regional Health Authority are friends of Issa Trust. We shipped this June container to Montego Bay for the summer teams traveling th,ere to work, and to elevate the hospitals in this region of Jamaica. Many infant warmers and other pediatric items were donated by the Pan American Development Foundation, and we were also able to ship down Issa collected items from Iowa. The pediatric needs are great and the Issa Trust Foundation was created by the principals of Couples Resorts.  The mission teams stay at Couples while working in the local communities, and they spend their days treating the area’s children.  We also want to thank Mr. Godfrey Wallace, the procurement officer for the Jamaican Ministry of Health for his support of our projects.  The feedback from this container was fantastic and we even benefited newly born triplets with the warmers. The school desks came from the mother house of the Sister’s of the Blessed Sacrament or Mary Katherine Drexel Shrine in Bensalem that is visible from 1-95.