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Mission Relief Ships Container to Nicaragua

9/30/10:  Container# TRIU9490642. Our third container of September was shipped for Steve Mentzer and the Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster, PA. We shipped 3- 1000 pound bales of clothing from Water Street Missions of Lancaster, and great linen donations from Lancaster General were sent. Medical supplies sorted by St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Lancaster, and many items were included for Nicaragua that will be shipped over from Honduras into Nicaragua. Read for Life Ministries of Leola, PA has a church project in Nicaragua, but shipping directly into Nicaragua is tough.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Panama

9/22/10:  Container# TRIU909851.  A second September container was shipped to Panama for the Morgan Foundation, and the Consulate of Panama. A container filled with 286 pieces of equipment, including hospital beds, classroom furniture, medical supplies, linen, and very useful institutional supplies for our projects. 

Mission Relief Ships Container to Panama

9/17/10:  Container# MEDU862244 6.  After a long hot summer, it is back to Panama and to some great projects there with the Foundacion Eduardo Morgan of the law firm Morgan and Morgan.  We ship to a canal authority warehouse and the furniture and equipment is distributed as needed. Pediatric wheelchairs are sent along with computer desks for the classrooms. Panama is preparing for the 21st century, and its vital role in world trade. The government will construct buildings for business education, while the foundations will need to equip them. The foundation Edward Morgan and Mission Relief are helping both the children’s hospitals and the focused educational efforts. 300 cases of medical supplies and wheelchair gifts from the Spinal Bifida Society were included on this container.

Mission Relief Services: Third Quarter Update

16- Containers over 9 Months

Our #1 project is the timely collection of material donations from hospitals, colleges, clinics, and individuals for our many projects.

Our #1 focus is shipping these valuable commodities to great areas of need throughout the world. We accomplish this by making our inventory and expertise available to these fine partners in mission.

– The Central American Relief Efforts, MMI Medical Ministry International, Serving at the Crossroads, The Pan American Development Foundation, Faces of Tomorrow, Scalpels at the Cross, The ISSA Trust Foundation, Salesian Missions, The COR Foundation, Read for Life Ministries, Joni and Friends Wheelchair missions, The Philadelphia Consulate Corps, The Crudem Foundation, Worldlink International, The Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia~ and many more.

– We have shipped large 40′ containers to these countries in 2010: Jamaica, Honduras, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Greece, Panama, Chile, and the Island of Crete.

– We have elevated a Leprosy hospital, and children’s hospital in the Dominican Republic, and we have shipped to children’s hospitals in Jamaica and Panama. Haiti needs much more, and Honduras is improving. Nursing Home type hospitals in Greece and Crete received upgrades, and Ghana, Africa is next in line.

– Donors have made this possible.

God Bless!