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Happy New Year 2012

Happy new year 2012.
You know that I wish you well.

Champagne pops.
Time stops.

Just for a moment.
We wonder where the time exactly went.

You know.
I love you so.

Sparkling wine kisses.
All of the oh, how I misses.

Wish you happiness.
And all of that, whatever that is.

We hug and smile.
Yes, it has been a while.

Dancing off and laughing.
It is so not mattering.

Only living life and love.
That is quite enough.

A toast and the countdown.
Gather everyone close around.

A drink and a cheer.
For the brand new year.

The music plays.
We all know our proper place.

Hats are thrown.
Resolutions still unknown.

And, it’s best.
To sit awhile together and rest.

Sharing silly new years dreams.
And all of that, the heart brings.

A new year to start anew.
Yes, that includes even you.

Babes, now all innocent.
Never minding where the time went.

To fresh beginnings.
And, happy endings!

I don’t know for sure…
I think we all deserve.

To forever smile.
And dance away this night.

So, help yourself!
Happy new year 2012.

Pick a new partner and away you go.
What the new year will bring, we never know!

May it bring all of your wishes, dear.
Here’s to a very happy new year!

And, no fears!

For those holding fifty years together in a glance.
May you be forever blessed with eternal romance.

For the rest of us, it is clear.
We are wanting just that, this new year.

Raise your glasses and toast.
Of 2012, make the most!

It is better to love.
You can never love enough.

Say goodbye to old hurt.
May this new year bring you what you deserve.

Never give up.
True joy will find all of us!

I mean what I say.
Go bravely into new year’s day.

Ring out the old, put it on a shelf.
Happiest 2012!

A brand new year is waiting just for you.
My friends, it is true!

A World Of Thanks!!