Monthly Archives: September 2012

Shipment to Cameroon Africa

MRS partnered with Empowering Solutions of Delaware to ship a load of much needed medical supplies to Cameroon Africa.

Beds and other medical supplies ready to be loaded. Hospitals in the US often upgrade equipment and have no place but the dump for their useful pieces. Mission Relief Services gets them where they are needed.

A finished job. After a long day volunteers proudly pose in front of the truck with all of its contents of medical supplies for Cameroon, Africa.


Dr. Samba Tate, of Empowering Solutions, stands with his staff at the loading of a shipment to his native Cameroon.


It is always so helpful to have nurses and other medical staff go through boxes of donated medical supplies before they are shipped. Here, volunteers from Villanova’s nursing school serve such a key role at our load to Cameroon.


Hope and Mercy Charity in Slobozia ~ September 12, 2012

#ZCSU 258945, 9/12/12. Once again we shipped to Moldova and the Hope and Mercy Charity in Slobozia. This container included pillows from the Lancaster General Hospital, mattresses from the York Hospital, and linens from CHOP and Holy Spirit hospital in Camp Hill. Also items like portable potty chairs and walkers are in demand in Moldova, while we take these simple products for granted here in the States. Patient room furniture such as over-the bed tables and wheelchairs for children were included, and the very basics are in demand in Moldova. We enjoy the feedback received and fortunately this container was sponsored by the humanitarian arm of the State Department that specializes in the former Soviet Union. We have worked with this program since its inception in 1992!