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Haitian Coalition on January 30, 2013

#ECMU 413436. In December 2012 Mission Relief Services was given an award the by the Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia for our years of service of humanitarian aid to Haiti. In January this group sponsored a container to Cameroon Africa and the Pinyin Sub-divisional Hospital in the Lattoral region. This was our second container to Cameroon in as many months, and it served a large region in this African country. We hope to ship to Haiti in November for the Haitian coalition and the hospital in Jacmel. Miracles never cease, as who would expect Haitians helping out Africans?

Empowering Solutions of Delaware

Check out Empowering Solutions of Delaware to see the great work they are doing in Africa. Visit their page and give them a thumbs up “Like” to see more photos and read stories. Empowering Solutions, Inc. is one of our partners in shipping medical supplies globally to those in need.

Empowering Solutions, Inc.

Empowering Solutions envisions communities where people are working together to continuously improve themselves and achieve a better standard of living while preserving and making constructive use of their physical environment.


Hospital Surplus

Hospitals in the U.S. often have a surplus of items they won’t use for a variety of reasons. When the economy is compromised in places like the U.S. and Europe, it often correlates with a profoundly worse economy in developing countries. By connecting hospital resources to those countries Mission Relief Services is helping the quality of people’s lives around the world.


Pardada Pardadi Educational Society

To Mission Relief Services from Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, which provides education for girls in Rural India. The backpacks were donated by US-based Centurion Medical Products.

“Thank you again for the great donations for Pardada Pardadi. We were able to bring them all by plane, and United did not charge us for the extra baggage, which was amazing! We both had a 2nd 50 lb. bag, filled with supplies, which could have been $100/bag. We really lucked out there!”

Attached are photos of students who received the back packs. These were given to students with perfect attendance. They were a big hit, given during a special assembly. Some parents were present for this big day, which was a major deal, as parents don’t come to school very often at all.”