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Donated Medical Equipment Aids Patients Across the Globe

pennBeing on the forefront of medical care, Penn Medicine is known for its state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. But what happens to medical equipment that is still functional, but no longer considered at the top of its game?

Last month, PAH opened the doors of its off-site storage space on 11th Street in South Philadelphia to Mission Relief Services where idle but still useful medical equipment will be put to good use in hospitals and health clinics around the world.

Shown here are Alan Hartman (left) from the PAH PeriOperative Materials Management team helping Jim Harrison (right) from Mission Relief load a donated incubator for premature infants.

“We often no longer have use for this equipment. It’s great to be able to donate it to other places that are in dire need and where we know it is being used and appreciated,” said Feargal Roche, director, Value Analysis in PeriOp Materials and Clinical Engineering at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Mission Relief Services, based in Coatesville, PA, began 20 years ago working with other charities and hospitals in southeastern Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Through partnering with institutions, such as Pennsylvania Hospital, thousands of useful medical supply items, furnishings and equipment have since been donated around the world. Donations from PAH are shipped out to mission teams across the US first and then make their way to children’s hospitals and in Siberia and Moldova and clinics in Central America and Haiti.

“We remain focused on recycling donations to the areas of greatest need,” said Jim Harrison from Mission Relief Services.

“We are so grateful for Pennsylvania Hospital’s donations. These generous gifts show that our friends at the Hospital understand the importance of our work and how beneficial their donations are to helping others around the world.”