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Gift Acceptance Policy

Mission Relief Services solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support it core programs, as well as special projects.

Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies, or other entities, subject to the following limitations.

The donations are clean and in good working order

The materials belong to the donating individuals or party

Gifts of Real property, Personal property or Securities may only be accepted upon the approval of the Mission Relief Services finance committee.

Incompatible products or equipment may be shared with other outreaches, discarded, scrapped, or sold to promote our mission.

Feedback from the Liberian Community

My colleagues and members of our Liberian Community have asked to register their thanks and appreciation for the magnanimous donation yesterday. Words are inadequate to express how appreciative we are for your humanitarian gesture. The container left last night and is expected to arrive in Liberia sometimes in April.

Again, please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your service to humanity.

Joseph Sackor

Update on Local Mission Activity and Shipping Supplies

missionWebDear Friends of Mission Relief Services,

We are grateful for your support of missions and distributions.

We continue to provide a good service to our hospital community, and redirect these items to the front lines of mission and outreach.

–      Honduras- we support “Serving at the Crossroads” of West Chester and their clinic in La Entrada Copan Region with supplies, dental equipment, and logistics. Dr Bob Sumner is 80 and a joy to work with, A team from the Chester Cty hospital also was down this year. 70 procedures performed. We funded a container there in 2010. SATC also works with Father Ed Donnelly and the Men of Malvern orphanage treating children.

–      Nigeria- We are shipping to Nigeria in early April for a large American/Nigerian catholic family to honor their mother. The eight children want to equip a clinic and help furnish a classroom. I have also enclosed info on a Rosemont nun working Africa, and we are preparing her shipment with contents for the LoyolaUniversity across the street in Africa.

–      Bolivia- we are shipping fracture tables and x-rays, and C-arms to Cochabamba in early April for a Bolivian doctor. This material is heavy and very complete. X-ray systems are always needed

–      Mali- Africa – we just shipped a 24 ft truck with items for Mali, and it costs a lot to move the dental items up country.

–      Haiti- 3/24/14 we shipped 191 mattresses and linens to a girls school (400 students) for a church from Tampa, Florida.

–      Liberia- Philadelphia Liberians have been coming to Mission Relief to collect supplies for their containers. 3/29 again!

–      Dominica, Dominican Republic – receive supplies and dental.

Thank you and God Bless you all!

Helping Hands for Africa

UniversalHandsOn behalf of the Des-Ogugua family and Helping Hands for Africa, I wish to thank you for the time you took off your busy schedule to meet with us today at your office.

We would develop and send you a list of additional items we may need – for example, electric power generators, UPS systems, hospital bed dolly and hospital bed pulley.

We thank you for your humanitarian services and look forward to a profound mission relationship with Mission Relief Services.

Best wishes and God bless.


Mali, Africa for Balla Sissiko of Coast to Coast Off Lease, Inc

A shipment of computer monitors, stretchers, dental equipment, medical supplies and equipment went to Mali, Africa for the projects of Balla Sissiko and his New York firm Coast to Coast off Lease, Inc. Balla is originally from Mali and he compliments his containers of computers with medical equipment and supplies. We also work in Burkina Faso with Nana Supercomputer of Philadelphia, and they supplement their computer shipments with humanitarian aid. These containers are very expensive and distant.