Monthly Archives: August 2015

Container Shipped for the Panama Consulate

Container #TGHU 691763 2, Seal# 630059.

Henry Yoncon and two other members of the Panama Consulate office visited Mission Relief in early June to examine our inventory, and plan for several shipments to this Central American country. After a tour of the warehouse and a brief trip to the Amish country, the Panamanians returned to Panama and left a deposit for a container shipment. Henry returned in August and we shipped out a very nice container of patient room furniture and items for a pediatric suite. Large quantities of surgical gloves from Hahnemann Hospital and syringes from St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children complimented the shipment. The container should arrive in Balboa in three weeks, and additional containers will follow. Georgia Athanasopulos, the consulate of Panama on Chestnut street in Philadelphia, was a big help with the project.

**** 4 containers shipped out in one month !!!


Guinean Community in New York Funds Container to Liberia

Container #SEGU 420360 1, Seal#A120051.

Every container has its own story, and our third container this August filled an unusual need. Once we shipped to Haiti and the project was sponsored by a Cameroonian foundation, and this container to Liberia mirrors that outreach. Members of a Guinean community in New York funded this container to Liberia to support Guineans in Liberia. Although we may not hear about it, but Guinea is going through a very difficult period and many have fled to the more stable Liberia. These Guineans refugees need help, so the Aliou Bah Foundation and the Fullah Progressive Union of the Bronx sponsored this shipment. Linens, mattresses, furnishings, medical supplies, surgical equipment , infant warmers, Billi lights, beds and a crib filled the shipment.

It seems that West Africa is more fluid and accommodating than the rest.

Container Shipped to Liberia

Container #CMAU 4722777 3, Seal# 3020480.

Container shipped to Liberia and the Lutheran Church. UNIBOA or the United Bassa (Liberia) Organization in the Americas sponsored this shipment and the Lutheran Church in Liberia will help with logistics and customs. Bassa members in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey put this shipment together and participated in the loading. Once again we filled the container with over 100 walkers, crutches, pediatric wheelchairs, and furnishings. Shelving from Temple Hospital and gloves from Pennsylvania hospital created walls of shrink wrapped gloves and shelving on wheels. Ambulance cots from Pennsylvania Hospital and stretchers from the Lankanau Hospital in Wynnewood added both value and functionality to the load. Bassa will ship again to Liberia before the year ends.2000px-Location_Liberia_AU_Africa_svg

Container Shipped to Odienne Regional Hospital in the Cote D’ivoire

Container# CAIU 843204 4, Seal #3020426.

After a slow June and July, we shipped a container to the Odienne Regional Hospital in the Cote D’ivoire on the Ivory Coast in Africa. Visitors in June from ARSOA in the Bronx were able to develop the funds for this shipment. The container will be moved from the port of Abijan up to a remote part of the Ivory Coast in the old city of Odienne. Medical Ministry International of Parkesburg provided dozens of walkers and crutches, and we included several pediatric wheelchairs and a M.A.S.H. tent from CHOP. Surgeons gloves from Pennsylvania’s Hospital glove trial also added substantial value to this load.