Monthly Archives: December 2015

14 Containers Shipped in 2015..

As of December 1, Mission Relief Services has shipped out fourteen 40′ containers. We shipped to Liberia, Guinea, The Dominican Republic, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Panama and Haiti. In addition to our container projects, we provided two large truckloads of furnishings to Hope Ministries and Christian Academy at 71st and Woodland Ave, Philadelphia. We also provided three Mission Relief truckloads of materials for Liberians from Philadelphia to add to their container projects. We had several projects collect materials from our warehouse for Honduras, Liberia and W. Africa.

We had a large team from St. Elizabeth’s parish in Chester Springs come and volunteer on April 18th, their day of service. Also in April, we helped the Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster, PA load three containers for Honduras of school desks, and the contents of a closed elementary school. Villanova students came in September for their “day of service.” In 2015 Mission Relief Services shipped containers to the Baptists, the Presbyterians, and the Lutherans in Liberia, West Africa.