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Seal of Hope ministries of Silver Spring, MD developed this shipment for their projects in Benin

Container#GCNU4722863,seal#0720060, Benin, Africa

Seal of Hope ministries of Silver Spring, MD developed this shipment for their projects in Benin: a small country on the West Coast of Africa.

Over 500 items were in this 40′ container that shipped out Baltimore to Cotonou. The logistics are handled by Cotonou Direct, so the containers arrive rather quickly. Also physicians and hospitals from northern Nigeria, and other neighboring countries benefit from Seal of Hope’s warehousing facilities in Benin. Action Sociale of Porto Novo Benin distributed the goods.

Map of Benin

Container shipped to Mali Africa

Mali, Africa, It took 9 men about 7 hours to completely load a 53ft tractor trailer out of our Coatesville warehouse for Balla Sissoko of Valley Stream, New York for his projects in Mali. Balla took the products back to New York, sorted and added computers for his native Mali. We are always ready to help out Balla, and we know that our items will be well utilized.


Map of Mali

Announcement of New Warehousing Facilities

Dear Friends and Supporters of Mission Relief Services,
Effective February 1 2016, Mission Relief Services assumed the operations of Medical Ministry International’s warehouse in Parkesburg, PA. MMI of Allen Texas was formed in 1968 to lead surgical teams worldwide, and proclaim the gospel as they restored the eyesight and treated thousands of helpless people.
Medical Ministry International’s Parkesburg warehouse has been operating for 15 years supporting mission teams, and building containers for a variety of projects including shipping hundreds of wheelchairs to Peru, and developing an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. We have always worked closely with MMI, and we have shared numerous cargoes over the years.
The Parkesburg warehouse was the only facility that supported this former national ministry, and it is completely set up for our purposes. We have already shipped out four containers from this new facility, and the efficiencies are beyond comparison to our current Coatesville location.
Mission Relief Services was also able to retain the expertise of the warehouse manager Matt Bonk, and his dedication to this form of ministry. Our logistics and packaging have improved tenfold under Matt’s supervision, and the warehouse is showing its potential every day. We are keeping the continuum going.
With these new developments comes the need for more funding and gifts. Also new projects help support our mission, and our production has increased. We are grateful to our donors that have made contributions, and 2016 will be an exciting year.
God has propelled our mission once again, and we are thankful.