Monthly Archives: March 2016

Container shipped for the Healey International Relief Foundation

Container#TGHU 75905921,seal# 0720025, Sierra Leone

The Healey International Relief Foundation of Lumberton, NJ is very active in Freetown Sierra Leone where they have developed community medicine projects, and supported the rebuilding of the Seruba Hospital complex. We developed this container to match their needs list of pediatric items. Wheelchairs, infant scales, stretchers, cribs, furniture, linens and medical supplies were shipped in the container. Local priests and nuns help manage the project in Freetown, and the recipients are receiving the finest in care. HIRF just received a grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation, so we are excited about the future, and this is the third project that we shipped for the Healey International Relief Foundation of New Jersey.

Map of Sierra Leone

Container Shipment for Partners in Health

Container #TCKU 9655484, seal# 0720024, PIH, Haiti

Partners in Health is a large Boston based charity with operations in Haiti and Rwanda. The Hospital Universitaire de Mairebalais is a 300 bed hospital that Partners in Heath built, and this modern facility resembles a hospital that one would see in this country. We received a large request for furnishings such as patient recliners, bedside cabinets, and exam room furniture. Stackable chairs from White Horse Village, and exam tables and patient room cabinetry from Holy Spirit Hospital completed this container.