Monthly Archives: June 2016

Seal of Hope ministries sends container for Benin, Africa

Container #ACLU 9705623, seal#0720032, Benin, Africa

Seal of Hope ministries developed another container for Benin. This project included several pieces of eye instruments and Alcon equipment, and some very fine recovery room beds that matched the photos of what was requested. Also two surgical microscopes were included with all the linens and hospital supplies. Centurion Hospital Supply company has 23 warehouses nationwide, and we are grateful for the donations from the huge Lansdale warehouse right off the turnpike. The dressing change kits were very expensive, and highly useful. We ship to Benin through the Baltimore ports, and it only takes three weeks for delivery!

Map of Benin

Container shipped for Dr. Kwaku Amexo to Ghana

Container #TCNU 4217411, seal#0720031, Ghana, Africa

This container was originally for the Equity Health Center in Accra, but was later directed to the minister of health for Ghana. Dr. Kwaku Amexo is a physician at the Brandywine Hospital. He was born in Ghana, and studied medicine in Russia. He now lives in Exton, PA and frequently visits the new Mission Relief warehouse in Parkesburg. He is also helping to develop container projects for Ghana. After a July visit to Ghana, Dr. K came to Mission Relief with an order for three containers for Ghana. Their needs are great, and with the help of the Ministry of Health, our projects should go smoothly. We are grateful for his participation in our outreach, and we should be shipping one to two containers in August for Ghana. Ghana is the size of Oregon with 30 million people.

Container shipped to Haiti

Container #TEMU 6441966, seal#0720030 Haiti

Thank you Temple University for

the 500 mattresses that you donated to Mission Relief. It took us seven full days to collect all the mattresses, and we were grateful for the condition of the bedding. Often college items are fully used, but these mattresses were in fine condition and some like new. We were able to load 218 single foam mattresses on the June shipment for Partners in Health clinics in rural Haiti. With lower fuel costs, the prices to ship containers has come down significantly. Many charities are able to ship more than one container to their projects and we have the inventory to really make a difference in their ability to practice meaningful medicine a world away. Temple University and Temple Health System are great donors to Mission Relief Services!

Container shipped for Saidou Nana to Ghana

Container #UASU 1076463, Seal#0720029, Burkina-Faso

Saidou Nana of Nana Super Computer Center is originally from Burkina-Faso, and we have shipped for Nana before. The requests for surgical kits, linens and diagnostic equipment are lengthy, and it is expensive to ship there as the containers travel through Ghana and then travel 1,800 miles.

Map of Ghana