Monthly Archives: August 2018

Container Shipper to Sierra Leone

August 27, 2018, container# CMAU 7631907, seal# 0720068, Sierra Leone, Africa. The Healey International Relief Foundation of Lumberton, NJ is very active in Freetown Sierra Leone where they have developed community medicine projects, and supported the rebuilding of the Seruba Hospital complex. We developed this container to match their needs list of hospital. Electric wheelchairs, a stretcher, office and dining room furniture, linens and medical-surgical supplies were shipped in the container. Local priests and nuns help manage the project in Freetown, and the recipients are receiving the finest in care.  This is the fourth project that we shipped for the Healey International Relief Foundation of New Jersey.

Container Shipped to Ghana

August 23, 2018, Ghana.  Ms. Akosua Opoku – an ex-patriate of Ghana – coordinated this container shipment to her compatriots in that West African country.  Included in this shipment were 16 hospital beds, 70+ hospital bed mattresses, four Midmark 100 examination tables, three dozen rolling office chairs, and a plethora of other medical-surgical accessories and supplies.

Container Shipped to Honduras

August 15, 2018, Honduras.  Dr. Bob Sumner – President of Serving at the Crossroads – requested some medical-surgical equipment and supplies from Mission Relief Services to help fill an ocean container he was assembling for shipment to the Central American country of Honduras.  MRS responded by transporting a valuable assortment of items to Dr. Sumner’s facility in Media, Pennsylvania.  Included were 6 mobile recliners, 1 eye stretcher chair, 4 Hill-Rom TranStar stretchers, 15 tables, 74 waiting room chairs 39 assorted uninterrupted power source (UPS) units.