Monthly Archives: June 2019

Container Shipped to Sierra Leone

June 4, 2019, container# GLDU 0679340, seal# 0720076, Sierra Leone, Africa. The Healey International Relief Foundation of Cherry Hill, NJ is very active in Freetown Sierra Leone where they have developed community medicine projects, and supported the rebuilding of the Seruba Hospital complex. We developed this container to match their needs list. Large quantities of office furnishings (desks, file cabinets, secretarial chairs, bookcases, computer accessories, etc.), stretchers, examination tables, hospital linen and other valuable medical-surgical equipment/supplies were supplied by Mission Relief Services.  The Foundation also provided three pallets each of prenatal multivitamins and bed linen to include in this shipment.  Local priests and nuns help manage the project in Freetown, and the recipients are receiving the finest care.  This is the fifth project that we have shipped for the Healey International Relief Foundation.

Container Shipped to Cameroon

June 3, 2019, 26’ Box Truck, Cameroon.  Dr. Jean Jules Fotso returned to the MRS warehouse in Parkesburg PA with a 26’ box truck to pick up additional equipment for further transfer to his associates in the West African country of Cameroon.  Squeezed into this box truck were 7 hospital beds, 4 stretchers, 24 waiting room chairs, 6 more infant bassinets, another infant incubator, 3 folding walkers and a manual wheelchair.