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Common items in our inventory
Syringe only, 1cc-60cc sterile 100/bx.
Syringe with needle 1cc, 3cc, 5cc 100/box
Needle only – all sizes 100/box
Bulb and piston syringes – 60 ml 50/box
Foley catheters-6fr-30fr. 5cc & 30cc balloon  
Urethran catheters 8fr-18fr plastic/red rubber 50/bx
Catheter trays: foley and urethral all sizes 20/bx
Thoractic catheters-24fr 25/bx
Angiographic and heart catheters each
IV catheters-all sizes and lengths 50/box
Introducer catheters and trays all sizes 10/cs
Hospital bed-manual each
Hospital bed-electric each each
Bedside cabinet each each
Over the bed table on wheels each
Hospital Mattress each each
High back patient room chair each each
Visitors chairs each each
Wardrobes each
Bunk beds 1 set
Office Desks each
Computer desks each
Office chairs and secretary chairs on wheels each
File cabinets each
Stacking chairs each
School and classroom furniture – all types each
IV pole on wheels each
Mayo stand stainless steel each
Operating room table each
Stretchers on wheels each
Wheelchairs-all types each
Walkers folding and all types each
Canes all types each
Patient Scales each
Infant Scales each
Reclining Chair on wheels each
Portable Commodes each
Blood Pressure appartus on wheels each
Patient hydraulic Hoyer lifts each
Sterilizer-desk top each
Centrifuges each
Suction Machine each
Laundry carts each
Stainless or back tables each
Crutches-aluminium each
Crutches-forearm aluminum each
Medicine cart on wheels each
Physical therapy equipment-all types each
Infant cribs stainless on wheels each
Medical Supplies  
Disposable Latex exam gloves 100/bx 10/cs
Sterile surgeons’s gloves-all sizes 50pr/bx 4/cs
Surgical gowns-disposable large and extra large 50/cs
Surgical drapes-disposable-all types 50/cs
Disposable face mask- 100/bx 6/cs
Sterile gauze pades 4X4 1200/cs 1/cs
Sterile guaze pads 5X9 100/cs 1/cs
Disposable shave prep trays 25/cs
Tracheotomy care trays 25/cs
Tracheotomy tubes all types 12/box
Surgical packs-major,heart,hip all types each
Personal Care and dental hygiene products 12/bx
Disposable Infant diapers 25/box
Disposable adult diapers and pad 50/cs
Paper Products for ekg 12/bx
Oxygen face masks with tubing 50/cs
Nasal cannula 50/cs
Breathing circuits for respiratory 10/cs
Ambu respiratory breathing bags adult and pediatric each
IV sets-all sizes 50/cs
IV fluids-various products in stock 12/cs
Surgical trays,bowls,bedpans,and trays stainless steel each
Sharps collection devices -bins each each
Suction connecting tubing 6′ lengths 25/cs
Suction catheters-all sizes 6fr-22fr 50/cs
Suture-all sizes and types-ethicon etc. bxs
Wound care dressings-all types 50/bx
Surgical tape 1/2′-3′ all types 12/bx
Sterilation wrap-all sizes 25/cs
Feeding tubes-all sizes Levin and gastrostomy each
Blood Pressure cuffs and accessories each
Plastic bins and trays each
Disposables or towels each
Identification braclets 500/bx
Casting tapes all sizes 25/bx
Blood drawing sets 25/bx
Vaginal speculums plastic and stainless 25/bx
Ultrasonic transmission gel 12/bx
Safety vest restraints for holding patients each
Knee immobilizer each
Vacutainer blood drawing kits 25/bx
Skin stapler Ethicon all types each
Sterilization pouches-Kimberly Clark-allsizes 25/box
Sterile and non sterile collection containers 12/bx
Bulk hospital linen(gowns,towels,washcloths,sheets) bags
Drapes,pads and additional washed hospital linen is available  
Hospital cubical curtains each