About Us

Mission Relief Services is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of hospitals and medical facilities in developing countries through the provision of donated goods.

Mission Relief collects donated medical supplies from hospitals and individual donors and then ships these supplies to countries where there is a documented medical need. By offering prompt and reliable pickup service to donors, Mission Relief is able to collect the finest in surgical equipment and supplies.

After collecting a sufficient number of goods and products, Mission Relief packs a 40-foot container for shipment. Mission Relief then ships the container directly to qualified recipients, including remote hospitals, medical and dental clinics, churches, schools, warehouses, governmental distribution points and humanitarian foundations. Recipients are responsible for the distribution of all donations sent and are expected to provide accurate feedback in a reasonable period of time.

Every job is a self-portrait, so Mission Relief not only accommodates its donors by providing prompt and reliable pick up services, but also only consistently meets the needs of underserved recipients worldwide.