2006 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

Medical products and equipment shipped out in 2006:


1/19/06- container #CBFU 344807 7. This container was shipped out of the former Alpine Village Nursing Home in Hershey, PA to Guatemala, CA. Mission Relief Services developed the shipment for the Pan American Development Foundation, and HELPS International of Dallas, TX. The furnishings equipped a hospital unit, and teams from Texas often travel there to perform surgery etc. $ 2,500.00


1/27/06-container #CSVU 402190-9. This container was shipped to the National Children’s Home, and The Child Development Agency in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. Epworth United Methodist Church of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware developed the contacts and sponsored the shipment. A variety of beds, mattresses, furniture, medical and institutional items were sent to this children’s home in Jamaica. $2,138.00


2/15/06- container #CBFU 440120-1, This shipment was prepared for ADRA. The Adventists Development and Relief Agency of Silver Springs, Maryland, and shipped to Belize, CA. The Adventist have a hospital in Belize City, and surgical items and construction material  was collected by Mission Relief Services and ADRA for the project. Container value $ 4,791.50


3/2/06-container #GSTU 722200-9 This container of Nursing Home furniture was shipped to Minsk, Belarus for the Beth Messiah Congregation Humanitarian Aid Ministry of Loveland, Ohio. The Sight Invalids Project #18 at the Gantsevichy Raion Territorial Medical Amalgamation, Medical establishment, Building 64, Matrosova Street, Gantsevichi, Brest Oblast,225440, Belarus was the recipient of the patient room furniture that came out  of the Brandywine Hall nursing home in West Chester, PA. 35,245.00


4/7/06-container #SUDU 4678931 This container was also prepared and shipped for the Beth Messiah Congregation of Loveland, OH. The furniture, bedding, cots from West Chester University, desks from Villanova University all were shipped to Noviy Zavet (New Covenant) Evangelical Church, Building 25, Perevlok Lazo, Minsk, Municipality, 220102, Belarus    $80,688.20


5/10/06- a 40’ container for (the Pan American Development Foundation) was shipped from our warehouse to Montevideo, Uruguay in South America. This container included electric hospital beds and patient room furniture.  $ 2,500.00


6/09/06- container #HOU 109980 This was another container for Beth Messiah and their humanitarian outreach in Minsk, Belarus Cabinets, linens, mattresses, study carrousels from Villanova University, IV poles from Bryn Mawr Hospital, and some gigantic exercise and Physical therapy equipment from Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation hospital in Paoli. 75,075.05


6/14/06-container# DFIU 3213301 This container of clinical equipment and supplies was shipped out of Coatesville to The Comision Christiana de Desarollo in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Physician, dental and hospital supplies and equipment were in the shipment. The CCD is one of our partners in Honduras, and it stands for the Commission for Christian Development. They work throughout Honduras, and are very effective in distributing our humanitarian aid. $31,025.00


7/26/06-container #MSKU 691750-1 This container was shipped to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Youth Outreach International and Dr. Richard Niemeyer of Lancaster, PA. Medical supplies and equipment to develop rural clinics were shipped in the container. Many items came from the former Woman’s Hospital and MCP, Medical College of Pennsylvania, in East Falls, Philadelphia. $16,658.00


7/28/06-container #TRLU 635014-8. This shipment went to Belarus for Beth Messiah. Furnishings, linens, wheelchairs, and physical therapy equipment was in the container for the nursing homes there. $ 95,335.00


8/28/06-container #ECMU 415378 8. This container of medical supplies and equipment was shipped to Iraq on behalf of the Sister Cities Program of the International Visitors Council of Philadelphia, and the city of Philadelphia. The Office of the Vice-Governor for the Provincial Government in Iraq is the recipient of this important container of very fine stretchers and functional equipment and supplies.  $ 100,744.00


9/12/06-container #CBFU 3450069. This shipment went to the office of the First Lady in Honduras. Clinical and surgical equipment and supplies were in the shipment. Sterilizers, centrifuges, stretchers, microscopes and many electrical items were included. Honduras has the same electrical outlets as the United States, so our equipment is immediately ready to use. A new Children’s Hospital is being developed. $ 27,466.00


9/21/06-container TRIU 569297 0. Another container sent to Ethiopia, and this time we shipped for the Ethiopian “Orphans of AIDS” Foundation of California. Andefamily.org is equipping remote clinics throughout Ethiopia, and our container for them went to Sister Yemegnushal Haile and her Sululta Clinic a great distance from the capital city of Addis Ababa. $ 32,599.00


11/2/06-container CCLU 433513 3. Another shipment for Belarus and Beth Messiah’s Outreach there in Minsk the capital. Nursing Home beds from Willow Valley Retirement Community, and furniture from Chester County Hospital, as well as mattresses from Lehigh Valley complemented this load. $ 72,625.00


11/17/06-container UBCU 341966 6 This container shipped down to Honduras contained items for three major recipients. The Presbyterian churches in and around Tegucigalpa, The Christian Commission for Development, and the Office of the First Lady of Honduras. The Hanson’s, missionaries from the United Church of Christ, Operation Smile in Tegucigalpa, and Ross Easterling of the Peace Corps also received specific items in the shipment. $23,470.00


12/5/06- A tractor trailer of supplies and equipment was shipped out of our Coatesville warehouse to The W.B. Swanson Family Foundation in Ogden, Utah. The Swanson Foundation is developing clinics and medical centers in Mongolia, and the supplies enclosed will be shipped to Asia.  $ 2,500.00


12/21/06-container#GSTU788278-1, This container benefited all three of our partners in Honduras. Surgical supplies and equipment were shipped for the First Lady’s office and the Children’s hospital, and the CCD (Christian Coalition for Development) received 200 bags of clothing and furnishings for their projects. While a Presbyterian Church received a new pulpit, compliments of the Strasburg Presbyterian Church. This container also contained 10,000 Beenie Babies for the children’s programs of Honduras. $ 37,350.00


Totals: $ 642,709.75