2007 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

23 containers of humanitarian cargo and medical supplies shipped worldwide in 2007


– 2/19/07, container# TRLU 152924. This shipment helped develop and equip the first burn center in Guatemala City, Central America. HELPS International of Addison, Texas leads teams of doctors to Guatemala, and has worked closely with the University of Guatemala in developing adequate facilities for burns and other hospital needs.

Mission Relief Services provided the material for the project.


– 2/26/07, container# UESU 468446 6. Working with PADF the Pan American Development Foundation of Washington, DC, Mission Relief developed two containers of furniture for hospitals in Columbia, South America. Most of the items were patient room furniture like electric beds, and cabinetry. Columbia customs and the FDA of Columbia were miserable.


– 3/2/07, container# CBFU 230021-2. This Chiquita fruit container sailing out of Wilmington, DE on the Great White Fleet Line went all the way over to Hospital San Lorenzo on the Pacific side of Honduras. We had visited Hospital San Lorenzo in October 2006, so sending a container in March 2007 was a great success. The hospital was going to purchase EKG’s for 800,000 Limpres, and we sent three down from Pennsylvania Hospital.


– 3/13/07, container# MOGU 007598. Hospital Susana Lopez De Popayan in Popayan, Cauca, Colombia received a variety of hospital furnishings, equipment and supplies from Mission Relief Services in this March container sponsored by PADF. This shipment went smoother than our previous experiment in South America, so they are all resting nicely with top quality Hill Rom patient room furniture from the Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA


– 3/15/07, container# NAM 349531. Kuraj Singh of Coatesville, PA wanted to ship a container over to India, so we used Mission & Relief Transport of the Netherlands and Akron, PA and shipped a forty foot container of medical supplies and equipment to Tughlakabad, ICD.

Raj learned that shipping into India is not easy, but he wants to do it again.


– 4/12/07, container# CBFU 3450027. Mission Relief Services loves to work in Honduras. This Chiquita container went to the office of the First Lady, and three different entities shared in the distribution. The CCD or Christian Coalition for Development, the First Lady’s Projects, and the Rotary Club of San Miguel all received materials. The First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, PA and the Rotary Club of Lancaster, PA were also sponsors, and the economies of scale are in place between Mission Relief and Honduras, Central America.


– 4/24/07, container# TRLU 658381 2. After Pilar Heraud of the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) returned from Honduras in March, her photos told the story of the Honduran hospitals close to the port city of Puerto Cortes, and Mission Relief always uses this port. The hospitals and the orphanages needed many improvements, and this container to Hospital Leonardo Martinez in San Pedro Sula provided lab equipment such as centrifuges, and many other useful items for their facility. We have received photos of our equipment in use, and photography is one of our best guides of performance.


– 4/27/07, container# TRLU 408229 9. Our freight forwarder friends at International Services Corporation in Washington, DC had us develop a medical shipment to the Global Hope Academy in Borama, Awdal, Somalia. This container sponsored by the EELO Foundation of Somerset, NJ had a wide variety of medical supplies, equipment and furnishings for this school and hospital campus in Somalia. Steven Druhot of ISC or International Services Corp ships humanitarian cargoes worldwide, and is very knowledgeable shipping into Ethiopia and Africa.


– 5/10/07, container# CBFU 3457799. The Lancaster Council of Churches teamed up with Mission Relief Services to ship a container to the CCD and the First Lady of Honduras. Xiomara Castro de Zelaya is the First Lady of Honduras. She and her aides facilitate the importation and distribution of the medical aid that we ship. Women leaders from the hospitals come to the warehouse and choose the equipment they want. They are very happy with what we send.


– 5/16/07, container# TPHU 469788 Z. Steve Mentzer of The Central American Relief Effort, Lancaster, PA was able to find a Canadian sponsor for a Honduran container shipped out of Mission Relief, Coatesville. Union Rescue Mission and Shirley of the Universal Aide Society in British Columbia funded a container to our first Lady distribution networks in Honduras. Many items from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia including a large Nintendo set were on this container for the children of Honduras during their hospital stays.


– 6/13/07, container# TRLU 154101 2. Pilar’s photographs revealed an old rusty delivery bed at Hospital El Progresso in Yoro, Honduras. So Mission Relief Services and PADF shipped a container down to this region in Honduras, and this was distributed into three municipalities. The Municipio San Francisco Atlantida received complete dental equipment. Hospital El Progresso received a new birthing bed, and many other items, while the Hospital De Area of Puerto Cortes got the things they needed. A local newspaper in Honduras developed a story with photographs on the delivery and unloading of the container with color pictures!


– 6/29/07, container# CBFU 342796 3. This container developed by the First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster has a very special meaning. Youth from the church not only helped load the container in Coatesville, but also they traveled down to Honduras in July and unloaded and distributed the items to the remote area of Pespire in the Southern region. A medical dispensary was developed, and the local Pespire School received numerous school desks from Barclay Hall of Villanova University. Seven hundred school children came out to thank the donors, and an Allen church organ was given to the local Presbyterian Church. This Allen organ was made in Macungie PA, and was donated to Mission Relief Services by the Grandview Hospital in Sellersville, PA. The trip was a great success for all the participants.


– 8/22/07, container# CBFU 344458 0. It is back to Guatemala, and another container for HELPS International and their clinic down in Sololá. This truckload contained a complete dental unit with compressor, and many pediatric items for their inpatient and outpatient clinic. HELPS working with the University of Guatemala has developed a major training facility for both doctors from the US and Guatemala to work. Mission Relief Services has furnished this clinic right down to the coffee makers and TV’s.


– 8/23/07, container# ICSU 185073 4. EOA- Ethiopian Orphans of AIDS is now called The World Family. This organization based in Milpitas California works closely with the ministry of Health of Ethiopia, and develops clinics throughout the countryside of this African country. Mission Relief shipped a container filled with physician office material, and general hospital and surgical supplies to Ethiopia for The World Family. This durable equipment will go to the Gambella Hospital that serves an area of over 300,000 people.


– 8/30/07, container# IMTU 303644 6 22G1. This twenty foot container is going to the top of the world: Kathmandu, Nepal. Friends of the Patan Hospital have sponsored this very specialized load of pediatric intensive care equipment and supplies. Ventilators, and incubators from the Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital in New Jersey, as well as OR equipment and lighting from the Chester County Hospital all went into this container project. Infant basinets and trauma carts from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were shipped to this 450 bed hospital high up in the Himalaya Mountains.

Pediatric surgery, recovery, and birthing will all be easier with the items that we loaded on this special container going to a very special place. The top of the world!


– 9/7/07, container# Maersk 868668 4. This container is going all the way to Kampala, Uganda. Youth Outreach International, Dr. Richard Niemeyer, and Calvary Church of Lancaster developed this container for the New Hope Academy School and clinic in Uganda, Africa. Books, medical and physician supplies, bicycles, stackable chairs for children, furnishings, clothing, and even a large Kubota farm tractor were loaded onto this shipment at our Coatesville warehouse. Dr. & Mrs. Niemeyer will be visiting Uganda next month to distribute the contents of the container. The children of Uganda will be surprised!

– 9/20/07, container#UBCU3425592. Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital in New Jersey provided an entire Hewlett-Packard Heart and vital signs monitoring system that we shipped on this container to Honduras. Medical Ministry International of Parkesburg crated a complete x-ray system for Hospital San Lorenzo in the southern region. Infant warmers were sent, as well as lab equipment for the Pespire clinic. Volunteers from Lancaster helped load this shipment, and there was also dental equipment for Hope Worldwide in San Pedro Sula.


– 9/27/07, container#TRLU618957. The Sociedad of Salesiana in the Dominican Republic requested furnishings and equipment for their medical clinics. The Salesian Missions of New Rochelle, New York have a presence throughout the world. We were able to send them two ultra sounds, and one came from Scranton’s Community Hospital. The equipment that they had was dated and limited in function. Scales and many other items were needed. Mission Relief Services makes special appeals, and special trips to collect the right stuff for the recipient projects.


– 10/24/07, container#CBFU3435402. After our team returned from Honduras in October, we immediately shipped an order of beds and hospital equipment to our friends at Hospital Esquela in Tegucigalpa. This three hundred bed hospital located in the capital city sees a lot of traffic, and they are always grateful for our donations. Lidia in the pediatric ward keeps us abreast of what she needs, and we do our best to comply. A surgical team from Arkansas was working for a week at Hospital Esquela, and it is always fun to run into other missionaries on the job.


– 11/20/07, container#MSCU5032753. It’s back to the old country with this shipment to the Georgia Republic. Children’s Hospital provided 7 huge pharmaceutical storage cabinets, and 60 hamper stands for this shipment. Computer tables from Villanova University also complemented this load sponsored by Counterpart International, and the US State Department. The Ministry of Health will be happy with all the functional hospital furnishings they will receive from us.


– 11/28/07, container #ACSU 443596 3. ADRA, The Adventist Development and Relief Agency of Silver Springs Maryland purchased a container that Mission Relief Services filled with hospital and clinical supplies for the Adventist missions in Kathmandu, Nepal. Highly functional and very basic medical equipment was shipped. Nepal containers are expensive, and require precise documentation. Also they purchased their container, and they are delighted with the contents, and the storage options that the project delivered.


– 12/21/07, container# TTNU 582047. PADF, The Pan American Development Foundation’s project Comfenalco Valle is located in Cali, Columbia. Much of the focus on the project is just providing a bed for children, and basic school requirements and participation. Bunk Beds from Villanova University, as well as school desks from the college provided a complete facility for these children of South America. Bunk Beds have become one of our most requested items, and we are grateful to Villanova for the beds and mattresses that they continue to provide. St. Thomas of Villanova day is also a Mission Relief event.


– 12/28/07, container #CBFU 3443516. The Christian Coalition for Development or CCD is a Honduran recipient of several of Mission Relief’s containers. They also provide field support and travel arrangements when we travel in teams to Tegucigalpa Honduras, and the southern region. The last container of the year was the fullest, and the 250 bags of clothing made everyone’s arms sore at the end of the load. Other items for winter teams were also included, and the CCD is a reliable friend that shares our donations with both precision and humility. We elevate the “least of these”, and we provide a “platform for evangelism” thanks to the CCD, and our containers.