2008 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

1/22/08, container# MSCU 783821. The Consulat de la Republique d’ Haiti of Philadelphia or Albert Momjian provided shipping dollars for a medical surgical container for two hospitals in Haiti. Hospital St. Michel deJacmel, and Hospital Cap Hatien shared the contents of a huge high cube 40’ container filled with institutional furniture, equipment and medical supplies. The Milton Hershey Medical Center provided a large quantity of surgical supplies, and Haiti is experiencing horrific times. A good way for us to start out in 2008.


2/6/08, 53’ tractor trailer. Mission Relief Services provided a tractor trailer load of equipment and supplies for the Pan American Development Foundation’s Washington warehouse. Infant and pediatric projects in Columbia and South American countries benefited from our products that were shipped to PADF. The Pan American Development Foundation and Mission Relief Services are constantly working to provide the very best to our Latin America recipients and children.


2/18/08, container# CBFU 345384 9. Hospital Choluteca in the southern region of Honduras had wooden IV poles until they received this February container. Dental equipment was also sent. The recipients that benefited the most from this container may have been the children at Pespire school. They loved their new school desks, computer tables, office desks and filing cabinets from Villanova University. The southern region of Honduras is a continual project with focus on the hospitals, churches, children, and municipalities.


2/27/08, container #TRIU 770249 1. This shipment to southern Honduras was sponsored the Union Rescue Mission, and the Universal Aide Society of British Columbia. Both the Office of the First Lady’s pediatric programs in Tegucigalpa, and the Hospital Choluteca benefited from all the infant equipment donated by the Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital of Browns Mill New Jersey. Newborn and infant clothing and surgical drapes were donated by the giant laundry Hospital Services Corp of Allentown. The container arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night, and a large group was there to help unload.


3/19/08, Youth Outreach International received a truckload of Mission Relief Services material for their Uganda projects and clinics. Mission Relief provided exam room equipment, medical supplies, and the general items for the setting up of a rural clinic. The container was loaded out of the G.A.I.N warehouse in Lancaster, and we shipped in a container a farm tractor to Uganda for Youth Outreach in 2007.


4/8/08, container #TPHU 464947. Chimishlia, Moldova received this container that had many items from the Temple school of Podiatry in Philadelphia. By teaming up with Counterpart International of Washington DC, Mission Relief was able to elevate the Society of Disabled People from Chimishlia Raion. Not long after this shipment left our warehouse, the US State Department suspended all humanitarian cargo shipments due to costs. Belarus was a big recipient of Mission Relief products before this program ended, and Mission Relief has participated in this program for nearly 15 years!


5/7/08, container #TRLU 154012. First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster shipped computers and a KIA minivan down to Honduras to support their projects. Bell Optical of Deptford New Jersey donated eye examination equipment that was also included. Surgical linen, medical supplies, and even a pallet of syringes made it on the container. The van took up 1/3 of the container, but they got over 150 computers from the Lancaster General Hospital. Thank You Central American Relief Effort!


5/14/08, container #APZU 461169 2. Ethiopia and the hospital at Chiro received this surgical container. The World Family based in San Francisco, California, and the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia is focusing on orphans of AIDS, and elevating the hospitals and clinics for them. Mission Relief Services has shipped three containers to Ethiopia for this Bay Area charity. We provided a portable x-ray, processors, anesthesia products, and a very fine inventory of general hospital equipment and supplies. Ethiopia is very grateful for our services.


5/28/08, container #DBFU3458331. The First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster sponsored this container to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and the Office of the First Lady. Computers, dental equipment, optical chairs, stretchers, and a host of additional institutional supplies are designated to the area hospital and clinics in the capital and western Honduras.

Several hospitals now have a great assortment of equipment, and a KIA SUV also was shipped in the 40’ container.


6/30/08, container# CBFU 3403236. Mission Relief Services and the Central American Relief Effort of Lancaster, PA shipped this container to four different recipients in southern Honduras. The Hospital at Choluteca received a giant inventory of medical equipment, supplies, and furnishings. The Pespire school received more dental equipment for their dental operatory. Beatrice got some items for her restaurants, and the Presbyterians got their stackable chairs. The local police also received some furniture for their office and station. This container defined what humanitarian cargoes are all about.


7/10/08, container #GCEU 6016084. The Highland Presbyterian Church of Lancaster has a project in El Salvador that supports the hospital San Juan de Dios. Infant cribs, infant monitors, and other pediatric supplies were sent. Also the church had collected sewing machines, fabrics, and many other useful items. A team from Highland Presbyterian assisted with the loading of the container, and it turned into a very fun and exciting time for the church’s and our mission journey.


7/11/08, container #CBFU 3451790. Trinity Presbyterian Church in Berwyn helped Mission Relief Services, and the Central American Relief Effort secure two charitable rate containers from Chiquita before the program expired. For the last five years, we have taken advantage of the discounts provided by the Great White Fleet and Chiquita Brands to ship into Honduras. Our costs will increase about $550 per container, but we are continuing to make great progress in this country. This container and Trinity provided a variety of school desks, dental equipment, and hospital equipment to our friends and projects in Honduras, Centro America.


7/14/08, container #CBFU 340271. Our final container to Honduras for the summer was filled with computer monitors, medical supplies, oxygen tents for children, and a large quantity of institutional furnishings. Teams from Pennsylvania will be traveling in July and August to distribute and visit the many projects that receive our materials. A clinic in San Isidro is being developed with medical furnishings and supplies from Mission Relief Services. The Central American Relief Effort provided the medicines for the summer teams, and we shipped them down to Honduras in this valuable container.


7/23/08, container #MSCU 464546 8. Monsignor Gilberto Gomez Gonzales of Abancay, Peru is the recipient of this July container. With the beds and stretchers, and over one-thousand and fifty five boxes of medical supplies, Father Gonzales will have plenty to distribute to his projects. The Pan American Development Foundation sponsored this shipment, and we are praying for a smooth custom’s clearance on such a large and diverse shipment.


9/20/08, container’s INBU 514890, and CRXU 909320. Two containers were loaded on one Saturday in September. St. Thomas of Villanova lived a few hundred years ago, and is the “Father of the Poor”. Forty Villanova University nursing students, faculty and families loaded these two containers for their day of service honoring St. Thomas. It was an amazing experience for all, and some of the nursing students had worked overseas. One container went to Ethiopia, and the second to the Espinal Clinic and Pespire school in Honduras. It was a day of service that won’t be forgotten by us or the recipients of the two completely filled 45’ high cube containers.


11/01/08, container #DFIU 442349-6. Clothing for children and phones for the tax office were shipped in this Thanksgiving container. Also medical supplies, furnishings, and hospital equipment for both hospitals and clinics were loaded by youth volunteers on this chilly November day. About eight different Honduran entities benefited from this diverse shipment that elevated children, churches, clinics, and hospitals. We are grateful to all the volunteers, and fathers and sons that participated in the loading of this complex project. At one point we were loading from a moving van into a container from Dole.


11/28/08, container# NYKU 403257 7. The Salesian Missions are headquartered in New Rochelle New York and Centerville, VA. This international Catholic group has missions throughout the world, and we provided a diverse container for their project in the Philippines. The Salesian Society of John Bosco in the central region of this island nation received top quality clinical and hospital furnishings and institutional equipment from Mission Relief in this November container. Working in the Philippines is not easy, and we are grateful to work with the Salesians on their international mission projects. Our second project with them, and the first was the Dominican Republic.


12/17/08, container #MSCU 465797 8. The Pan American Development Foundation recently visited Montevideo, Uruguay. The hospitals received a container of mattresses, wheelchairs, stretchers, infant cribs, equipment, and a large inventory of medical supplies from Mission Relief. This South American country has a progressive medical establishment, and Mission Relief hopes to ship five containers a year of just medical supplies to this small country near Argentina. Medical supplies are a constant item in our inventory, while some groups avoid these necessary commodities due to expiration dates and lack of knowledge on their uses.


12/23/08, container #DFIU 4232163 3. This Christmas container to Honduras included an electrical transformer donated by PECO. Also a hospital near Comayagua had no seating or chairs. We shipped waiting room couches and many different types of chairs, and furnishing for this desperate hospital that had a made a special appeal for assistance. The transformer was sent to the Pespire school to upgrade their facilities and power the dental office and units.