2009 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

1/19/09 Container #GESU 939545 7. Our first container project of the year was shipped to hospital Leonardo Martinez in San Pedro Sula Honduras. This container provided material support for a large February surgical team from Bethesda Maryland led by Dr. Berny Kreutz. The container arrived at the hospital on time, and the team had a very successful trip with several procedures performed. Also we were able to completely equip a fourth OR for the hospital and future surgical brigades. The Pan American Development Foundation of Washington funded the shipment for Dr. Kreutz’s annual trip.


2/12/09 container# TGHU 991592 6. This container to Tegucigalpa Honduras contained items for the Central American Relief Efforts, as well as for the Keeter Family from Gaston, North Carolina. Besides the dental and medical equipment for the CARE clinics, the Keeter’s received the personal and needed items that they had delivered to Mission Relief for this container. Little did we know that additional mission families would also benefit in 2009 from logistical support provided by Mission Relief? The Keeter Family are well established missionaries in Honduras, and now have more items for support.


2/12/09 We provided a tractor trailer load of medical equipment and furnishings to the Pan American Development Foundation warehouse near the Dulles airport in Washington, DC. By coordinating with St. Luke’s hospital in Bethlehem, and having the truck come to Coatesville, we were able to completely fill a large truck to compliment PADF’s humanitarian projects in South America.


3/30/09 container# CADU 701167 5. The Coprodeli Foundation of Washington DC and Chicago Ill. had Mission Relief develop a container of medical and surgical equipment and supplies for their clinics in Peru. This container provided examination room furniture and supplies for a variety of Coprodeli’s locations in Peru.


4/20/09 A 20ft container project was developed for Nelson and Sandra Hayashida missionaries to the Zambia International Theological College or zambiaitc.org. Nelson and Sandra spent 19 years in Zambia and their children grew up there. After almost 10 years back in the states, they decided to return, and Mission Relief provided logistical support, and additional items for this African container shipped out of our Coatesville location. The container arrived in a little over 60 days with all items in good shape. The seminary received an enormous library of books from the Palmer Theological seminary, and the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, as well as the Westminster seminary in Glenside. The feedback is great!

How would you like to work in a country with 80% unemployment?


4/22/09 container #CRXU 9559261 Marvin Hernandez is a Honduran friend and facilitator for the Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster. We shipped this container to Marvin in Honduras for the southern region. The stretchers, examination equipment, computers, and ultra-sound represented top quality equipment donations, and we were able to continue to elevate both Hospital Choluteca and our friends at Hospital San Lorenzo near the colonial town of Pespire. Marvin has family in the states, so travel is easier between Central America and Pennsylvania.


6/5/09 -10 pallets of donated material were shipped from Mission Relief to Tech Serve International of Greenbrier, Arkansas. This was added to a container going to La Entrada, Honduras for Serving at the Crossroads of West Chester, PA. SATC and Manos Amigos of La Entrada are building a substantial new clinic in the Copan region of Honduras. Mission Relief staged the well equipment and added medical and surgical equipment and supplies to the shipment. It is a privilege to be part of a project that began in an open field in Honduras, and will soon be a regional clinic for thousands. Tech Serve of Arkansas constructs mission projects worldwide.


6/9/09 We loaded a container for Nigeria out of the Medical Ministry International warehouse in Parkesburg. Worldlink International of Valley Forge sponsored the container for Cephas Tushima and his family to return to Jos, Nigeria. Cephas studied at The Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside and will now teach at ECWA theological seminary (JETS) in Nigeria. Mission Relief provided all the logistical support for this mission family, and even loaded their Honda SUV into the container. MMI and Mission Relief provided additional requested items to the family’s possessions, and many friends and volunteers participated in the load. One out of 4 Africans is Nigerian.


6/11/09- container# MSCU 863955 0. Another giant container for Honduras, and this time the ministry of health in the southern region was the recipient. Also 200 computers from Lancaster General Hospital, and the equipment from a Philadelphia dentist were shipped to our projects. Dental equipment from Dr. Kenneth Jensen’s Walnut Street office will be used as a teaching center and full dental clinic. Friends from the Kurtz Health Initiative for Southern Honduras (KHISH), Berwyn PA helped support this huge dental shipment.


8/4/09- container# MSCU 869251 Hospital Sacre Coeur in Milot Haiti was the recipient of this July container. This well established hospital is supported by the Crudem Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts, and they were the sponsors of this shipment. Mission Relief provided hurricane relief supplies and logistical support for the hospital in 2008, and this year we shipped a full container right out of Coatesville directly to the hospital. St. Francis Hospital of Wilmington, Delaware provided a large quantity of linen for this project.


8/28/09- container #CBFU 3439218 This very special container was shipped to our friends at Hospital San Lorenzo in southern Honduras. The hospital has been completely renovated, and Mission Relief and CARE are equipping the entire facility. A C-arm x-ray and surgical equipment from the orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Matthews of Lancaster was shipped in this container. Furnishings and additional items were collected in Baltimore. Marvin Hernandez and his young son Steven participated in the loading of the container, and they could choose what they wanted for the hospital. Steven’s English is excellent, and it was very special having a young Honduran present.


9/2/09- container# GVCU 502333. The Coatesville VA hospital donated 39 new IV poles to the Pan American Development Foundation. Mission Relief picked them up, and later added 40 hospital beds and mattresses to a container for Columbia, South America and one of PADF’s projects. Lansdale Hospital donated the Hill-Rom electric beds, and is getting new beds and stretchers.


9/19/09- container# CRXU 485876 3. Anne Sayre from Atlanta Georgia along with friends from Pittsburgh and Georgia built a new clinic in Cohabon, Guatemala. This clinic in the mountains will provide area residents a complete birthing center and pediatric facility. Once again Lansdale hospital provided an enormous amount of maternity equipment from their former birthing unit. Birthing beds, basinets, and infant monitors came from Lansdale Hospital, while OBGYN exam tables came from the Lower Bucks County Hospital in Bristol, PA. The cribs came from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Villanova nursing students, faculty and some family members loaded the container. They were excited that they were part of fully equipping a new clinic in Guatemala, Mission Relief has many friends at Villanova.


11/24/09- container# PONU 762163. The consulate of Panama, Georgia Athanasopulos who is also the chairperson of the consulate corps here in Philadelphia, decided to ship to the children’s hospital in Panama City. Panama has 3 million residents, and our focus was on wheelchairs for children, cribs, and many other pediatric related items. This shipment was received by the first lady of Panama, and we provided an enormous amount of material donated by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Over 15 wheelchairs for children came from CHOP, and future containers are planned for Panama.


12/9/09- container# MSCU 987540 0. The Haitian coalition of Philadelphia, and the consul general sponsored this shipment to two hospitals in Haiti. Also the ministry of health in Haiti will receive the shipment and direct the distribution of items. Out last container for this group was a great success in January of 2008, so we are excited about elevating these hospitals, as well as having the local Haitian community participate in the fundraising. There is much more to be accomplished and we are planning additional containers for February 2010. Also a group from Philadelphia will meet the container in Haiti, and help distribute the humanitarian cargo. Two 40’ containers went to Haiti in 2009!