2010 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

1/26/10:  A 53′ tractor trailer load of medical supplies and linen was shipped from Coatesville to Doral Florida to be transferred into containers for Haitian earthquake relief efforts. The Pan American Development Foundation of Washington DC, the Organization of American States (OAS), Hollywood Unites for Haiti, paid for the shipping, while Mission Relief Services provided the medical and surgical supplies for this massive effort.


2/19/10:  Container # DRYU 9083009.  Hospital San Lorenzo in southern Honduras was the recipient of our second container in 2010. During the 2009 constitutional crisis in Honduras, this hospital was the only facility in the country prepared for trauma patients. We had furnished a complete surgical suite and x-ray, and we have provided the furnishings for a newly built wing and existing hospital wards. This hospital has benefited from our donations and on several visits, the results and appreciation is truly visible.


3/11/10:  Container # FSCU6141920. This shipment to Honduras was designed to equip the new 10,000 sq foot clinic built by “Serving at the Crossroads” of West Chester, PA. La Entrada is the gateway to the Copan region, and an area underserved by a lack of medical facilities. We first visited this region 5 years ago, and have been active in supplying a temporary clinic with medical equipment and supplies since its inception. The new prefab clinic was constructed by Tech-Serve of Greenbrier, Arkansas, and is the largest privately built clinic in Central America. We are grateful to have been able to provide the finest inventory for this new “state of the art” facility for the people of the ancient Copan region of Honduras.


3/18/10:  Container # MSKU 837111. Georgia Athanaspulos is the Consulate of Panama, and based here in Philadelphia. We shipped this container to the Children’s Hospital in Panama City, and the project included cribs and wheelchairs, as well as linen and furnishings from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  We also included mattresses from the Mountainside Hospital in northern New Jersey, and furniture from Villanova University. The Republic of Panama has a population of 3 million, so it is not a huge country, and we are grateful for Georgia’s insight and determination to elevate these children of Central America’s Canal Zone. The Lady’s Lion Club of Panama City or Club de Leones de Panama sponsored this shipment for the Hospital Del Nino.


3/30/10:  Container # TTNU 431944. The Salesian Missions of New Rochelle, New York sponsored this shipment to the Society of Don Bosco in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Although the Haitian earthquake generated the largest humanitarian relief efforts of the new decade, some groups were unsuccessful due to the logistical requirements needed to receive humanitarian cargoes. The Salesians with their strong base in Haiti were able to procure a container of basic furniture and hospital supplies to help alleviate the suffering of their community. Mission Relief has done several projects with the Salesians Missions, and once again we were determined to generate positive results in Haiti for these brothers and sister’s in Christ.


4/7/10:  Container # CMAU 531809. In the middle of the economic turmoil in Greece, Mission Relief shipped a container to the hospitals in Athens. This container included hospital mattresses and furniture for the patient rooms, and linen and other items including wheelchairs. The facilities in need are hospitals for the elderly and homeless elderly and other indigent citizens that are incapacitated.  Most of the items shipped mirrored the furniture and equipment found in American nursing homes. Now they have requested two additional containers from Mission Relief for the island of Crete.


5/6/10:  Container # EMCU 9603609. The Dominican Republic has felt many of the after effects of the Haitian earthquake, and we shipped to the children’s hospital Dario Contreras in Santo Domingo. Wheelchairs from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were included, and many cases of new pajamas from HCSC of Allentown. The COR Foundation of Germany and the Netherlands was the sponsor of the shipment, and the recipients were delighted with

the results. The greatest beneficiaries were those with Leprosy (Hansen’s disease) in a nearby hospital at San Cristobel. Patients, who had to be carried, received wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other walking aids. We received great photographs of those residents who could now “rise up and walk.” This container was one of the most rewarding shipments of the year, and we need to remember Leprosy is not a biblical disease! Also thanks to MMI or Medical Ministries International of Parkesburg for all their help.


5/20/10:  Container #  GESU 5169597.  Michael Troupe is the director of facilities for the Philadelphia area YMCA’s. Michael grew up in Jamaica, and his father passed away after spending 100 days in the Kingston Public Hospital (Victoria Jubilee) in Jamaica. Michael saw the challenging conditions of the public hospital, and was able to raise the funds to ship a container there. Thankfully, Shire Pharmaceuticals of Chesterbrook, PA funded the shipment to this national hospital, and we have been eager to ship to Jamaica for some time. The shipment included books from The Chester County Hospital’s fall festival, as well as medical textbooks from our own collections. Hospital care is prOVided for free in this Jamaican hospital, so you can imagine the conditions and lack of materials. The container included mattresses, supplies, equipment, and patient room furniture that were requested by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica.


6/9/10:  Container #  TCNU870670. The Issa Trust Foundation of Florida and Iowa works in rural Jamaica supporting children’s health initiatives by leading teams to serve there. Also the Port Maria Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, and North regional Health Authority are friends of Issa Trust. We shipped this June container to Montego Bay for the summer teams traveling th,ere to work, and to elevate the hospitals in this region of Jamaica. Many infant warmers and other pediatric items were donated by the Pan American Development Foundation, and we were also able to ship down Issa collected items from Iowa. The pediatric needs are great and the Issa Trust Foundation was created by the principals of Couples Resorts.  The mission teams stay at Couples while working in the local communities, and they spend their days treating the area’s children.  We also want to thank Mr. Godfrey Wallace, the procurement officer for the Jamaican Ministry of Health for his support of our projects.  The feedback from this container was fantastic and we even benefited newly born triplets with the warmers. The school desks came from the mother house of the Sister’s of the Blessed Sacrament or Mary Katherine Drexel Shrine in Bensalem that is visible from 1-95.


6/15/10:  Container #  MSCU 8074726.  Marvin and Beatrix Hernandez of Pespire Honduras were in town for this Honduran shipment. The Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster depend on Marvin and Beatrix to help facilitate a variety of projects in southern Honduras, and it is always good to have them participate in a load.  Dietary equipment and restaurant supplies, as well as medical and surgical supplies were shipped. The Rotary clubs also provided items in a big way for their clinics and helped with the unloading. Even /municipality donations were included for the mayor and town council of Pespire. Teams in July from Lancaster will help distribute the donations to this area that is so grateful to CARE and it’s projects.


6/29/10:  Container # USM670708. This shipment to the earthquake troubled region in Chile contained beds from the Pittsburgh VA hospital, and more beds and mattresses from Mission Relief. Pilar Heraud from the Pan American Development Foundation visited Mission Relief, and she participated in the loading of the container. We have worked together for several years, so it was good to have her here for a load, and to support another disaster project.


7/20/10:  Container # GATU858821. For over five years we have been working with “Serving at the Crossroads” of West Chester, PA to help them develop their clinics in the Copan region of Honduras. Thanks to SATC the town of La Entrada has a new 10,000 square foot clinic that was dedicated in July 2010, and built by Serving at the Crossroads. Mission Relief Services has provided logistical support to this group of believers since the inception of this project, and this shipment provided additional items for the new clinic, as well as a birthing center in the nearby town. Of all the projects that we have witnessed over the years, this has been one of the most inspirational and aggressive of them alU Congratulations to all the participants!


7/22/10:  Container # TTNU911568.  The island of Crete is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is part of Greece, and we shipped a container to the national hospital in Rethymon for our friend Consulate Georgia Athanasopulos. This was our second container to Greece in 2010, and we provided a great quantity of hospital furnishings, equipment and medical supplies. This island is a popular tourist destination for Russians, so the medical facilities need basic items to elevate their delivery of tertiary care, and we hope to ship a second container this year to this island hospital in Greece.


9/17/10:  Container # MEDU862244 6.After a long hot summer, it is back to Panama and to some great projects there with the Foundacion Eduardo Morgan of the law firm Morgan and Morgan.  We ship to a canal authority warehouse and the furniture and equipment is distributed as needed. Pediatric wheelchairs are sent along with computer desks for the classrooms. Panama is preparing for the 21st century, and its vital role in world trade. The government will construct buildings for business education, while the foundations will need to equip them. The foundation Edward Morgan and Mission Relief are helping both the children’s hospitals and the focused educational efforts. 300 cases of medical supplies and wheelchair gifts from the Spinal Bifida Society were included on this container.


9/22/10:  Container # TRIU909851.  A second September container was shipped to Panama for the Morgan Foundation, and the Consulate of Panama. A container filled with 286 pieces of equipment, including hospital beds, classroom furniture, medical supplies, linen, and very useful institutional supplies for our projects.


9/30/10:  Container # TRIU9490642.  Our third container of September was shipped for Steve Mentzer and the Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster, PA. We shipped 3- 1000 pound bales of clothing from Water Street Missions of Lancaster, and great linen donations from Lancaster General were sent. Medical supplies sorted by St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Lancaster, and many items were included for Nicaragua that will be shipped over from Honduras into Nicaragua. Read for Life Ministries of Leola, PA has a church project in Nicaragua, but shipping directly into Nicaragua is tough.


10/27/10:  Container # APZU 4270111. This container sent to Africa is for the Global Hope Academy in Djibouti and related hospitals.  International services Corporation of Washington DC provided the logistical service for this container. Mission Central of Mechanicsburg provided Advil and other medications, while the Mission Relief Services crew hand loaded 1050 cases of medical supplies from our warehouse into the container. This shipment included expensive surgical kits from many area hospitals. We are always collecting a lot of medical supplies, so it was good to see so many go out in one shipment, and especially to Africa.


11/10/10:  Container # TTNU 536234.  Another container for Africa! The national Catholic Hospital in Ghana, West Africa can be found on the internet, and is also known as the Battor Hospital. This container was funded by the Salesians Missions of New Rochelle, New York. Books and surgical supplies filled this diverse shipment, but over 100 cases of donated new clothes from the Sportswear Outlets of Secaucus, New Jersey were also included. Very fine birthing beds, and physician examination room equipment was sent, and the new Ghana birthing center will benefit from this container. As we close out the decade, it seems as Africa is an easier place to work than Central America, and is rivaling the freight rates to make it an attractive place to have projects. We pray for the nuns who operate this hospital.


12/13/10:  Container # TGHU 910738, 12/13/10. There is a request for 200 Hill-Rom electric hospital beds from Columbia, South America. These beds are being retired in hospitals all over America, and still represent quality and durability to any medical facility. A container holds about 40 of these beds and mattresses. We shipped our 20 beds to the Virginia warehouse of The Pan American Development foundation on a Monday and Pilar added hers on Tuesday and the beds are on their way. Abington Hospital and Lansdale hospital provided the beds. So we are grateful for the donations.