2012 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

#TTNU 482640, 5/24/12, Our first container of the year was loaded from our Coatesville warehouse, and went to Paraguay. This diverse shipment of medical supplies and institutional furnishings went to the Diocesis De La Santisima Concepcion Del Paraguay. The container was filled with over 650 items that included linens, and examination room furniture from The Lankanau Hospital. We are grateful for Dr. Lewis’s (of Lankanau) donation of his ear, nose and throat suction carts that were greatly appreciated in South America.

#ZCSU 277180, 6/22/12, The Issa Trust Foundation of Iowa and Florida continues to elevate the pediatric and neonatal care provided to Jamaican children and their families. Couples Resorts of Jamaica has led the campaign for better pediatric care in Montego Bay and the northern part of the island in Negril. Teams travel every summer from Iowa, and from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to Jamaica, and Mission Relief ships the supplies and equipment down for the hospitals that need both the equipment and the training. This program is extremely focused on pediatric care, and the results and knowledge shared is unrivaled. They know exactly what the people need, and we are able to get wheelchairs for specific children.

#UACU 556361, 7/23/12, Mr. Saidou Nana owns and operates the Nana Supercomputer Center of Powelton Village in West Philadelphia.
Nana learned about Mission Relief, and we helped him with medical supplies and equipment for Burkina-Faso a large country in Northern Africa near Mali. The container was transported through Ghana, and shipped 1,800 miles up to Burkina-Faso. Nana followed the container to Africa and supervised the distribution of the contents to the local providers and the hospitals. Nana also included computers and batteries for his country. Mission work is no longer dominated by tweedy doctors, and nurses looking for a challenge. Anyone that wants to help their homeland can participate in this ministry. Nana is now working on his third container with Mission Relief Services.

#MOFU 077671, 8/2/12, Our fourth container of the year was shipped to Lima, Peru for the Salesian Missions of New Rochelle, New York. The Salesians had built a new center for the elderly and infirmed, and we were able to equip the center with a variety of institutional furnishings and medical supplies and equipment. The feedback was excellent, and we produced a brochure with the photography sent illustrating the delivery and unloading of the shipment. Also Temple University donation of stainless steel dietary carts was instrumental for the center, and we shipped 90 mattresses from the York Hospital of York, PA. New clothing came from VS Sports of Manhattan, and lots of linen from our regular hospital donors. This was our second container of the year for the Salesians.

#TCNU-998002, 8/22/12. Hope and Mercy Charity of Moldova received the fifth container shipped from Mission Relief in 2012. This children’s ministry and charity is based in one of the poorest countries in the former Soviet Union. The large, old hospitals in this land locked country bordering on the Ukraine, need just about everything, and Mark Fashevsky has visited Mission Relief twice over the past three years to pick out materials that are useful for the both the hospitals and the orphanages and homes that Hope and Mercy support. By using the State Department intermediary Counterpart International of Washington DC, we were able to fund this container for Moldova, and renew one of our favorite projects in a very desperate country. The vulnerability of the children is alarming, but with Mark’s dedication, and help from churches such as Calvary Church of Lionville, we were able to make measurable improvements.

#ZCSU 258945, 9/12/12. Once again we shipped to Moldova and the Hope and Mercy Charity in Slobozia. This container included pillows from the Lancaster General Hospital, mattresses from the York Hospital, and linens from CHOP and Holy Spirit hospital in Camp Hill. Also items like portable potty chairs and walkers are in demand in Moldova, while we take these simple products for granted here in the States. Patient room furniture such as over-the bed tables and wheelchairs for children were included, and the very basics are in demand in Moldova. We enjoy the feedback received and fortunately this container was sponsored by the humanitarian arm of the State Department that specializes in the former Soviet Union. We have worked with this program since its inception in 1992!
#CAXU 7413381, 10/3/12. Idrees Ahmed (Sonny) lives in Secaucus New Jersey with his wife and three children. Sonny originally came from Pakistan, and Sonny and his brother ship heart catheters, urinary stents, arthroscopic materials and lab items back to family in Pakistan for distribution. After several small shipments Sonny decided to ship a 40’ container to Christian Town in Sialkot, Pakistan. We were able to ship hospital beds, stretchers, surgical kits, lab items and a blanket warmer from CHOP, and several cases of personal care items to Pakistan. Although customs was very difficult with his first container, Sonny has been working on another project, and Mission Relief is there to help the very forlorn country of Pakistan with our gifts of material kindness from American hospitals and churches.

#APHU 462817, 10/16/12. Our eighth big project of 2012 was a huge 45’ extended container that went to Moldova by way of Poland. The Ukrainian customs have been so troublesome for Moldova that it was easier to ship to Poland and truck the trailer cross country to Hope and Mercy in Moldova. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided the nearly new 150 Stryker hospital mattresses that were shipped in this container. The hospital was having problems with stains from chemotherapy drugs, so Stryker provided new mattresses for CHOP, and they gave us the 300 that they replaced. The paper thin and filthy mattresses used in Moldova were quickly discarded after they received our container, and the feedback was very positive. It poured rain the day we loaded this huge container and the mattresses were very clean, and the furnishings and physical therapy equipment were immediately useful in the hospitals.

#UACU 834968, 11/13/12. One out of every four black Africans is from Nigeria. This huge and diverse country of 120 million maintains a steady political environment by its tolerance and bustling economy.
Sylvester Okere of Strategic Groups in Annapolis, Maryland asked Mission Relief to develop a container for the Lifeline Missionary hospital in the IMO State of Nigeria. There is a hospital, church and school under the direction of Bishop Maxwell C. Korie in Owerri. We were able to send cribs, instruments, surgical materials, new clothing, furnishings, lockers, and school desks from the Mary Katherine Drexel Shrine to this African community and hospital.
#TTNU 480284, 12/14/12. Samba Tata ran the paint shop in the Chrysler plant in Newark Delaware for 25 years. This Rotarian originally came from Cameroon, and he had been working for over two years to find the funding and support to ship a container to his native country. The Newark Rotary club of Delaware sponsored the project to the St. Patrick’s Health Center in the northwest region of Cameroon. Sister A Josephine Hilary Jaya was the recipient, and this container was prepared by Rotary volunteers, and frequent visits by Samba and friends. The quality of the equipment was outstanding and Bay Health of Dover provided practically new birthing beds and basinets came from the St. Luke’s Hospital in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. We were able to develop a full birthing unit, and provide examination furniture to equip a clinic that the Rotary club had paid for the tile work and flooring. Samba followed the container to Cameroon, and countless number of children will be born in his new clinic and hospital. Success is easily measured by developing clean birthing centers where life in this huge continent takes hold.

In addition to our international projects, Mission Relief Services continues to support local outreaches with furnishings, appliances, and bedding, and supplies. The domestic needs in our region are endless, and some of the groups that we provide inventory to are:

The Coatesville CWYA- a home for women and children under 7.
Love Works furniture ministry of Norristown, PA
The Mennonite Central Committee Akron, PA
Medical Ministry International, Parkesburg, PA
The Central American Relief Efforts, Lancaster, PA (Honduras)
Serving at the Crossroads, West Chester, PA (Honduras)
St. Paul’s AME Church, West Chester, PA (Haiti)
ISSA Trust Foundation, Iowa
Global Medical Brigades, Seattle, Washington
Imana, Chicago Ill. (Sudan)
Mary Cairns Interiors, Kennett Square, PA (India)
G.A.I.N. Global Aid International Network, Lancaster, PA
Scalpels at the Cross
Individuals from Coatesville with furnishing needs