2011 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

#MSCU823290, 1/5/11 our first January container of 2011 was shipped to the National Cancer Hospital of Panama. This facility in Ancon serves both adults and children with cancer. Infant cribs from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and a great supply of linens were shipped. Supplies and operating room accessories were also included. The Republic of Panama has been the most cooperative country that we have worked in, and we are grateful to Georgia Athanaspulos the Consulate of Panama based here in Philadelphia. The first lady of Panama is also extremely helpful, and so have the Lady’s Lioness Clubs. Panama has three million citizens.

#TGHU849337, 1/28/11 Partners in Health is a large provider of international health services, and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. PIH has projects in several countries and they are building a hospital in Haiti. It was snowing on the January day that we loaded their container on our chilly Coatesville mountaintop. Over 140 mattresses, beds, stretchers, linen and supplies were shipped to the new Haitian hospital. It was surreal loading a container in the snow, and shipping it to an island that has never experienced such an integral part of nature. But they were delighted with all their mattresses.

#CLHU843867, 2/2/11 The Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster, PA (CARE) continues to make great strides in the southern region of Honduras. This container that we prepared and shipped for them contained items for medical facilities in over three cities in southern Honduras. 75 cases of new clothing from Secaucus New Jersey were shipped and clinical items for the Hospitals at Choluteca and San Lorenzo. C.A.R.E. continues to lead teams from colleges such as Vanderbilt, and work with the Rotary Clubs in both Lancaster, PA and the San Marco region of Honduras. A Rotary sponsored eye clinic is now fully operational and self sufficient. The amount of material that Mission Relief Services, CARE, and Rotary have shipped into Honduras is legendary. Our efforts are clearly rewarded.

#CMAU188833, 3/15/11 our fourth container of 2011 was shipped to The Brac Brace and limb center in Port-Au Prince Haiti. This was a challenging job because we had to ship to a small clinic no larger than a classroom. Brac USA based in New York City needed exactly what worked. The eleven manual beds came from an old barn at the Landis Homes in Lancaster County, and many other items came from St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem, PA. Linen from Holy Spirit, and housekeeping items came from St. Mary Medical Center. Also Sister’s of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Michael’s Hall, and the Mary Katherine Drexel Shrine donated PT items. St. Francis Hospital of Wilmington donated medical supplies, and the Brac clinic for limbs and prosthetics came together in Haiti.

#MEDU849244, 4/5/11 Haiti once again captures our attention with this pediatric project for the Mirebelis Hospital and Partners in Health. Twelve large hospital cribs from CHOP were shipped and fantastic stainless steel basinets from St. Francis Hospital of Wilmington, Delaware.

Also Owens and Minor’s warehouse in Deptford New Jersey donated several pallets of new Kimberly Clark surgeon’s gowns and new disposable drapes. Good bedding came from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s hospital in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia. Supplies shipped came from MMI Medical Ministry International of Parkesburg, PA, and the St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. And Lancaster General provided large bins of OR supplies.

#MSCU839727, 4/20/11 container number 6 in 2011 was shipped to Uruguay. This was a furniture project for the Pan American Development Foundation of Washington, DC and it contained over 150 chairs, office furniture, supplies and patient room furniture. Pilar and staff from PADF were present for the load, so it was a very fun day, and this container was perfectly loaded by our Moises. We were all amazed at the huge volume of furniture that was able to fit into a container. Hunterdon Hospital in Flemington, New Jersey, and Holy Spirit in Camp Hill, our two most distant donors, provided the high quality furniture donations for this South American country.

We have a long history of working with PADF all over Latin America.

Container #7: shipped 7/11 the Dominican Republic for the Salesians