2014 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

Mission Relief Services accommodates our regional hospital donors and our worldwide recipients with a complete service, and we distribute the finest materials to the areas with the greatest needs. We cast our net far and wide collecting equipment and supplies, and our growing hospital community depends on us. The support of projects that we and our partners develop is to serve worldwide medical missions, and providing care for the very poor.

The Ebola outbreak has ignited our mission, and we have the materials to help those on the frontline in the fight against time and this disease. We are filling orders for West African countries, and we are supporting the local efforts of those helping their homelands.

In 2014 we have shipped 7 containers into West Africa, and we have provided local Liberian efforts with pallets of supplies and equipment. But there is more to the story than the container roster that follows. We are still supporting two major projects in Honduras, and we have hospitals and clinics in Haiti that will be receiving medical supplies, linens and equipment from Mission Relief Services.

We are eager to resume our shipments to Panama, and we are shipping to Guatemala in December. We are also planning to ship a container to Nigeria for Sister Lena Nwaenyi of Rosemont. We were able to provide personal care items for the Pardi Pardada girls school in India, and we provided supplies and dental equipment for Mali, Africa and Burkina Faso, Africa, and the more recipients the better.

Our specialty is container loads of products directly into the field. A door to door possibility that provides an enormous amount of valuable and functional materials to the poorest and the remote. Containers hold a tremendous amount of valuable material, and they provide the greatest possible source for creating velocity in mission.


1/28/14- Container #MSCU 855802 45G1, seal# Keller 0128732

This shipment of over 220 mattresses and new clothes went to the Fonds D’Aide Universelle and Prolonge, Haiti. We prepared this container for Pastor Bob LeFranc and the South Bay Church of Tampa, Florida. Pastor Bob travels frequently to Haiti, and the items went to his 400 bed girls school about 20 miles from Port-au-Prince.


3/1/14- This shipment of computer monitors, stretchers, dental equipment, medical supplies and equipment went to Mali, Africa for the projects of Balla Sissiko and his New York firm Coast to Coast off Lease, Inc. Balla is originally from Mali and he compliments his containers of computers with medical equipment and supplies. We also work in Burkina Faso with Nana Supercomputer of Philadelphia, and they supplement their computer shipments with humanitarian aid. These containers are very expensive and distant.


4/28/14- Container #MRKU-231273 7, seal#5692583.

Months before the Ebola virus took its effects on Guinea, we shipped a large container of hospital equipment and supplies to the Hospital Regional De Mamou in the Republic of Guinea. This container was developed for the Fullah Progressive Union of Glenndale, Maryland, and the Pottal II Foundation of the Bronx, New York. Of the three West African nations suffering from Ebola, Guinea is the poorest, and this is the beginning of our active participation in the epidemic. The container was very well received.


5/3/14- Container #UACU 52471161, seal#0004456.

This container project was developed for an African-American family originally from Nigeria. Helping Hands for Africa was developed by Brigid Desmond Ogugua and her sisters to honor their late mother’s memory. Brigid is one of 9 children from Nigeria. She came to America as a young teenager, and excelled at public service in Washington and Harrisburg. The family worked all winter collecting items and funding for the project that elevated local clinics and schools in Nigeria. Although customs was miserable, we have received photos of the distribution, and this dedicated family was able to make a difference in Africa’s most populous country.


5/30/14- Container #SCMU 401921 6, seal#190248.

This was our second container to Guinea, and it was shipped to De Dalaba and the association for the pour there. Also a local hospital received mattresses, beds, stretchers, linens, supplies, and some dental equipment. The Fullah Progressive Union of Glenn Dale, Maryland sponsored this shipment to this pre-Ebola West African nation.


6/27/14- Container #TRLU-482972-2, Seal#190320.

This container was shipped to the Ministry of Health for Sierra Leone. The container was hand loaded by over twenty-five high school students from the First Presbyterian Church of Burlington, North Carolina. The students were staying in West Chester at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, and spending their days working at various projects in the Philadelphia- West Chester corridor. It was a beautiful day and these southern teenagers provided us with a great dose of southern hospitality by assisting us in loading a container and sorting supplies. Gloves and disposable gowns were included in the shipment only to be used later for Ebola protection in Sierra Leone. The photos are great.


7/11/14- Container #TCNU-573086 1, Seal#4961601.

It is always nice to ship a container to a facility that has received shipments from us before. About three years ago we shipped to Santa Domingo for the Salesians Missions of New Rochelle, New York and their medical projects in the Dominican Republic. It was rewarding to ship again to this location supplies and equipment to upgrade their facilities with exam tables, infant lights, linens, dental chairs and pediatric wheelchairs. We have a long and productive history working with the Salesians from the Philippines to Peru, South America, and Central America, and even the Battor Catholic hospital in Ghana. The Salesians are very productive missionaries in the Catholic Church.


9/10/14- Containers # GESU 434941 7, Seal#346752, and TCLU 644426 9, seal#13685867.

These two containers were shipped to Cochabamba Bolivia, and were developed by Dr. Raul Guiterrez of Bolivia and his brother Boris of Washington DC. After a slow August, it was great to ship out these two highly technical containers that included 4 x-ray systems, 5 Anesthesia machines, ultra-sounds, a C-arm X-ray system, stretchers, beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, and many other valuable equipment items for the hospital in Cochabamba. Unfortunately Chilean customs played some havoc on Dr. Raul’s project, but all has arrived and Raul spent months working on this project for his well equipped South American hospital.


9/19/14- Container #PONU 818443 0, seal#A120571.

This container for Guinea, Africa was sponsored by a New York Foundation based in the Bronx. The Pottal FII Bhantal Foundation of the Bronx realized success for their earlier shipment to Guinea, so it was time to ship again and the De Dalaba hospital and region was the recipient. This container also spawned the next shipment to Guinea, and a group from Ohio and Atlanta visited to establish a relationship and to prepare a load for Guinea and their West African projects.


10/2/14- Container# PONU 782679 3, seal# TR 043558.

Urtima is an African Union or an association from Columbus, Ohio that has recipients and projects in Guinea. We shipped this container with hand picked items that their team isolated, and we included a large number of mattresses, furnishings, and equipment. This shipment also included a huge supply of protective wear such as gloves, gowns and over 100 cs. of face masks, so it was designed for Ebola prevention. Although containers are expensive, groups like Urtima believe that it is all part of the support that is needed to work internationally and to get something important accomplished in a short period of time.


10/30/14- Container #TCLU 185443 0, seal #103927.

The Healey International Relief Foundation heard about Mission Relief Services, and asked for our assistance in helping them with a container project for the Seruba Hospital in Sierra Leone. We collected beans, food stuffs, and hand carts from the Gain (Global Aid Network) warehouse near Lancaster PA, and we collected a truckload of items from the Healey offices in Lumberton, New Jersey. The container was shipped from Coatesville, and Healey Foundation directors were there to photograph and to witness the loading of this container to a new hospital in Africa. Physical Therapy items, toys, lawnmowers, bicycles, and many other medical surgical items were included in this shipment. It is always a plus to work with a group that has a significant presence in a country, and a new facility to equip.