2015 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

2015 Activity:    Read: Corrie Ten Boom, from an old German saying:

“What I saved, I lost. What I earned, I spent. What I gave away, I got back”

As of December 1, Mission Relief Services has shipped out fourteen 40′ containers. We shipped to Liberia, Guinea, The Dominican Republic, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Panama and Haiti. In addition to our container projects, we provided two large truckloads of furnishings to Hope Ministries and Christian Academy at 71st and Woodland Ave, Philadelphia. We also provided three Mission Relief truckloads of materials for Liberians from Philadelphia to add to their container projects. We had several projects collect materials from our warehouse for Honduras, Liberia and W. Africa.

We had a large team from St. Elizabeth’s parish in Chester Springs come and volunteer on April 18th, their day of service. Also in April, we helped the Central American Relief Efforts of Lancaster, PA load three containers for Honduras of school desks, and the contents of a closed elementary school. Villanova students came in September for their “day of service.” In 2015 Mission Relief Services shipped containers to the Baptists, the Presbyterians, and the Lutherans in Liberia, West Africa.


1/14/15 container #MSCU 989690 7, Seal#B3491903. The Reliance Medical Group is a large family and public health provider located in Pleasantville, New Jersey near Atlantic City. Dr. Jon Regis is the founder, and he has extensive experience working in Africa and has many contacts throughout Africa and the Caribbean. With the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, Dr. Regis has sponsored three containers to Liberia, and this is his second shipment. Pastor Richard Johnson of the St. Simon Baptist Church in Monrovia received this shipment of medical equipment and supplies and furnishings. Also 185 cases of medical supplies from Samaritan’s Purse were included thanks to GAIN the Global Aid Network of My Joy, PA.


1/23/15- A 53′ tractor trailer from Coatesville to Orlando of medical supplies, furnishings and equipment for the Dominican Republic was shipped to the Spanish American International Chaplains Association of Florida and to Bishop Dr. Enrique Hernandez its founder. Bishop Hernandez visited Mission Relief in November, and requested the supplies and equipment for the chaplains to support their various causes in Latin America, and to help fill surgical needs in the Dominican Republic. Bishop Hernandez is waiting for another shipment in May of gloves and syringes for the Dominican Republic’s clinics and hospitals.


3/4/15- container #MSKU 876960 9, Seal#1098849. Pottal FII Bhanthal LeLou Solidarity of Avon, Indiana and the Bronx, New York is an association of professionals from Conrakry, Guinea Africa. This group has engaged Mission Relief Services to prepare several containers over the last year to serve various hospitals throughout Guinea, and to help Guinea’s medical community with the Ebola epidemic. Visitors from Atlanta, Chicago, Indiana, and the Bronx have visited on several occasions to help with their container projects, and to add personal effects to the shipments. Guinea is one of the largest countries in West Africa, and its fluid borders with Liberia and Sierra Leone have made the fight against Ebola more challenging. We will be shipping again to Guinea on June 3rd.


3/31/15- container #CARU 990418 3, seal#032568. Dr. Michel François is the director of the Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia. In 2013 Mission Relief was honored by the Haitian Coalition for our years of humanitarian service to Haiti, and we have prepared shipments to Haiti for Dr. François. The March container was shipped to the ministry of health in Port-au-Prince, and was to be divided between hospitals in Port-au-Prince, and the hospital at Port-au-Paix (port of peace). It is more difficult to work in Haiti than it is in Africa and Dr. Francois travelled to Haiti to help clear customs and distribute the contents. There were plenty of items for two hospitals, and we hope to ship a second container to Haiti later this year.


4/22/15- container #ACLU 964860 5, seal#0229139. This container to Liberia was shipped to the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Liberia. This container contained not only medical supplies and equipment, but also a large inventory of books, bibles, hymnals, and other spiritually focused publications for the Presbyterian churches in Liberia. Donations from the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church library, and from the library of Mission Relief filled boxes and milk crates of books for this mission. Africa is a continent without books, and when the opportunity arises to ship books, we pack as many books as we can to help the English speaking reader and for the pastors to find new materials to draw from. Mission Relief has a long history of working with Presbyterian Missions, so this was an exciting project with wonderful results. A Reliance Foundation sponsored shipment.


4/29/15- container #MRKU 405141 6, seal#680008. This second container in April was shipped to Guinea, and was one of the seven containers that were ordered by Pottal II Bhanthal of Bronx, New York for Guinea. Stretchers, wheelchairs, medical supplies, therapy equipment and protective wear filled this container. The demand for sanitation and protective wear is still strong in the Ebola region, and while Ebola may be eradicated in one area, it may spring forth in another city or town. We are just grateful to be able to ship to West Africa, and to have viable force on the ground to distribute our products throughout the country. The results of our shipments over the last year to Guinea have been very positive. Once again we will be shipping to Guinea on June 3, 2015.


6/3/15- container# MRKU 939476-1, seal # 0222363. This container was shipped to Guinea West Africa for a New York Foundation developed by Guineans. The Association pour le development de Telimele sponsored this container, and many representatives from the Bronx and the Ivory Coast visited and assisted with the loading. We have containers going to Liberia in July, but we have shipped many containers over the past two years to Guinea to support their health system.


8/4/15- container# CAIU 843204 4, seal #3020426. After a slow June and July, we shipped a container to the Odienne Regional Hospital in the Cote D’ivoire or the Ivory Coast in Africa. Visitors in June from ARSOA in the Bronx were able to develop the funds for this shipment. The container will be moved from the port of Abijan up to a remote part of the Ivory Coast in the old city of Odienne. Medical Ministry International of Parkesburg provided dozens of walkers and crutches, and we included several pediatric wheelchairs and a M.A.S.H. tent from CHOP. Surgeons gloves from Pennsylvania’s Hospital glove trial also added substantial value to this load.


8/6/15- container #CMAU 4722777 3, seal# 3020480. Two days later we shipped a container to Liberia and the Lutheran Church. UNIBOA or the United Bassa (Liberia) Organization in the Americas sponsored this shipment and the Lutheran Church in Liberia will help with logistics and customs. Bassa members in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey put this shipment together and participated in the loading. Once again we filled the container with over 100 walkers, crutches, pediatric wheelchairs, and furnishings. Shelving from Temple Hospital and gloves from Pennsylvania hospital created walls of shrink wrapped gloves and shelving on wheels. Ambulance cots from Pennsylvania Hospital and stretchers from the Lankanau Hospital in Wynnewood added both value and functionality to the load. Bassa will ship again to Liberia before the year ends.


8/19/15- container #SEGU 420360 1, seal#A120051. Every container has its own story, and our third container this August filled an unusual need. Once we shipped to Haiti and the project was sponsored by a Cameroonian foundation, and this container to Liberia mirrors that outreach. Members of a Guinean community in New York funded this container to Liberia to support Guineans in Liberia. Although we may not hear about it, but Guinea is going through a very difficult period and many have fled to the more stable Liberia. These Guineans refugees need help, so the Aliou Bah Foundation and the Fullah Progressive Union of the Bronx sponsored this shipment. Linens, mattresses, furnishings, medical supplies, surgical equipment , infant warmers, Billi lights, beds and a crib filled the shipment.

It seems that West Africa is more fluid and accommodating than the rest.


8/26/15- container #TGHU 691763 2, seal# 630059. Henry Yoncon and two other members of the Panama Consulate office visited Mission Relief in early June to examine our inventory, and plan for several shipments to this Central American country. After a tour of the warehouse and a brief trip to the Amish country, the Panamanians returned to Panama and left a deposit for a container shipment. Henry returned in August and we shipped out a very nice container of patient room furniture and items for a pediatric suite. Large quantities of surgical gloves from Hahnemann Hospital and syringes from St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children complimented the shipment. The container should arrive in Balboa in three weeks, and additional containers will follow. Georgia Athanasopulos, the consulate of Panama on Chestnut street in Philadelphia, was a big help with the project.


**** 4 containers shipped out in one month !!!


10/13/15- #TCLU 548743 5, seal# 405103. This container to Panama City, Panama was sponsored by Club Activo 20-30 a business club for young entrepreneurs in Panama that are interested in local hospital support. They are modeled after Rotary Clubs in Panama, and four members from the club came to Coatesville for a visit. These professionals in their twenties want to support a strong sense of service in their club. They want to ship again in the new year to a children’s hospital and cancer hospital in Panama. We are grateful for the plaque that celebrated their visit, and acknowledged their partnership with Mission Relief and humanitarian aid.


11/19/15- #XINU 811901 8, seal#58919. Prince Ofuso-Mensah is Presbyterian from Langhorne. Working with a group of physicians, Prince was able to develop a needs list and we shipped a container to the Western Hills Hospital in Accra Ghana. The Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation was focused on helping provide relief following a disaster that took place on June 3, 2015. We were able to develop a comprehensive container of supplies, wheelchairs, stretchers, beds, soaps, and other medical surgical products to support their hospital. Ghana is a very good place to work, and we have previously shipped to the Catholic Hospital at Battor, Ghana


11/21/15- #GCNU 475264 7, seal#11299920. This shipment went to the port of Cotonou, and Benin Africa for the Seal of Hope Ministries of Silver Spring, Maryland. Georges Kotchou and Seal of Hope were interested in developing a container of gloves, and other infection control items for the hospitals in Benin. Hahnemann Hospital of Philadelphia provided a large supply of gloves for this project, and we included a quantity of dental equipment from the practice of Dr. William Mumby of Baltimore Maryland. Over five dental operatories, medical supplies, furnishings, and other related medical items were shipped. We hope to ship again to Benin for Georges this December, and the lovely blue water of Benin deserves a visit.


12/9/15- Mission Relief provided two truckloads of materials for a CARE container for Honduras, and we helped load the container in Lancaster.