2017 Mission Relief Services Activity Report

“Give sacrificially as God your father has done”

Mission Relief Services is always expanding our operations. In February 2016 we moved our warehouse operations a few miles west to the former Medical Ministry International (MMI) warehouse on Rte 372 in Parkesburg. This facility under the leadership of Matt Bonk is designed to produce and expedite our specialized cargoes of medical humanitarian aid to mission projects.  The results have been amazing:  in 2016, we shipped out a total of 19 40’ High Cube ocean containers, two 53’ trailers and an 18’ box truck.  Last year (2017) we shipped out a total of 17 containers and three 26’ box trucks.  These shipments went to many developing countries around the world, including:  Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Honduras, and Sierra Leone.

We are also grateful for all the hospitals, and our other product donors for their constant and growing participation in our outreach. The quality of materials that we ship continues to create a demand out in the field, as people and groups develop projects for their homelands.

January 30, 2017, container #EMCU 9557381, seal #0720043, Ghana, Africa.  This container was directed through the Ministry of Health for Ghana to the Equity Healthcare Center in Accra, Ghana.  The shipment was coordinated by Dr. Kwaku Amexo, a physician at the Brandywine Hospital who was born in Ghana and studied medicine in Russia. He now lives in Exton, PA and frequently visits the new Mission Relief Services warehouse in Parkesburg.  Ghana is the size of Oregon with 30 million people.

February 2, 2017, container #TCNU 8670236, seal #0720044, Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire), Africa.  This container was shipped under the auspices of the Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce (AAMCC).  Contents included a wide variety of medical-surgical supplies and equipment (e.g., hospital beds and mattresses, mobile recliner chairs, waiting room chairs, an infant hospital crib, office furniture, examination tables and wheelchairs).

February 15, 2017, container #CAXU 8078816, seal #0720045, Nigeria, Africa.  This container load took several months to be approved for shipment due to stringent documentation requirements by the Government of Nigeria.  The shipment went out under the auspices of the Obodoukwu Union of North America (OUNA) of Torrance CA to the Nzuko Obodoukwu Clan – its affiliate in Nigeria.  Contents included a plethora of valuable medical-surgical supplies, which complemented the primary load of hospital equipment including beds and mattresses, stretchers, examination tables, office furniture, an infant incubator, a surgical procedure chair, waiting room chair systems, etc.

March 21, 2017, container #CMAU 5246624, seal #0720046, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Dr. Michel Francois of the Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia sponsored this container shipment of hospital equipment, furnishings and supplies to La Ligue de la Bible Pour les Desherites [The Bible League for the Disinherited] in Kinshasa/Gombe, Republique Democratique du Congo.  The Congo is the second largest (in area) and fourth most populous country in Africa.

March 28, 2017, container #CMAU 5568003, seal #0720047, Republique de Guinee, Africa.  Moustapha Keita of the Union Kindia USA (an organization of Guinean expatriates in the United States) organized the shipment of this container.  The destination of this shipment of hospital beds, birthing equipment, linens and medical-surgical supplies was the Regional Hospital of Kindia.  Representatives of the shipping organization as well as officials from Kindia were on hand at the MRS warehouse in Parkesburg PA to witness and publicize the container shipment.

April 10, 2017, container #CMAU 4266800, seal #0720048, Ghana, Africa.  Dr. Prince Ofosu-Mensah of Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Inc., coordinated this container for his compatriots in the Central Region of Ghana.  Stretchers, office furniture, Hill-Rom/Stryker hospital beds (with mattresses), dispensing carts, waiting room chairs, examination chairs/tables and an infant crib made up most of this container’s load.  A plethora of smaller medical and surgical equipment/supplies filled up all the void spaces in the container.

April 20, 2017, container #BMOU 4430697, seal #0720049, Nigeria, Africa.  This was a long-anticipated shipment of essential medical-surgical equipment and supplies coordinated by Sister Lena Nwaenyi of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ).  Destined for the Cornelian Maternity and Rural Health Care Center in Gidan Mangoro, Abuja, Nigeria, the container contained such valuable items as infant bassinets, cribs, birthing/surgical tables, examination tables, stretchers and special-needs pediatric wheelchairs and standers, along with a wide variety of critical medical supplies.

June 13, 2017, Truck USDOT #1092543, seal #0720050, Mali, Africa.  Balla Sissoko, an expatriate of Mali living in Plainfield NJ, coordinated this 26’ box truck shipment which will be consolidated with other donations for further shipment to Mali.  This truckload consisted of stretchers, a hospital bed, mattresses, an examination table, a chest freezer, two computed radiography systems, and some 13 pallets-worth of assorted linens and medical-surgical supplies.

June 20, 2017, container #CXDU 1811600, seal #0720051, Mali, Africa.  Extremely pleased with the truck shipment that Mission Relief Services coordinated for him on June 13th, Balla Sissoko arranged for this 40’ HC container shipment to Mali.  The contents included a variety of mobile recliner chairs, hospital beds, and infant crib, an operating room overhead light set, examination tables, office chairs and a huge supply of assorted linens and medical-surgical supplies.

July 18, 2017, container #CMAU 5528973, seal # 0720052, Ghana, Africa.  This container, coordinated once again by Dr. Kwaku Amexo of the Brandywine Hospital, was directed through the Ministry of Health for Ghana to the Ben-Grace Hospital in Kasoa, Ghana.  The shipment included 8 Hill-Rom Advance hospital beds, 4 Hill-Rom Affinity II maternity beds, a Skytron Elite surgical table, three examination tables 3 stretchers, an Air-Shields infant warmer and a host of other valuable medical-surgical equipment and supplies.

August 4, 2017, container #ACLU 9668469, seal # 1253046, Burkina Faso, Africa.  Saidou Nana of Nana Super Computer Center is originally from Burkina-Faso, and we have shipped for Nana before. His request for durable hospital equipment/furnishings was lengthy.  It is expensive to ship to this land-locked West African country as the containers are shipped to Ghana and then are trucked 1,800 miles inland.

August 8, 2017, Honduras.  An assortment of medical-surgical equipment including hospital beds, stretchers, mattresses, examination tables and a treatment chair were provided by Mission Relief Services to Serving at the Crossroads.  Dr. Bob Sumner (President of the organization) added an electric generator to the load, which filled a 20’ ocean container.  The container was subsequently shipped to the Central American country of Honduras.

September 11, 2017, Haiti.  Zac Chase of Build Health International (BHI) rented a 26-foot box truck to pick up and transport a valuable load of stretchers, examination tables, mobile recliner chairs, maternity beds, etc., from the Mission Relief Services Parkesburg warehouse to his warehouse in Beverly, Massachusetts.  There, this equipment will be consolidated with BHI building materials for shipment to Haiti, where earthquake rebuilding efforts continue.

October 2, 2017, container #TCNU 3632634, seal #0720053, Ghana, Africa.  This was the second container this year that Dr. Prince Ofosu-Mensah of Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Inc., coordinated for his compatriots in the Central Region of Ghana.  Most of the space was taken up by some 21 hospital beds, 6 stretchers, 25 bed mattresses 2 oxygen concentrators and 3 mobile recliner chairs.  However, the void spaces in the container were filled with a variety of smaller equipment, medical-surgical supplies and linen.

October 17, 2017, container #CMAU 5332070, seal #0720054, Sierra Leone, Africa.  Osman Conteh coordinated this container load of hospital linen and medical-surgical supplies which was destined for his associates in the West African country of Sierra Leone.

October 19, 2017, container #TCLU 6594320, seal #0720055, Sierra Leone, Africa.  This second container load of assorted medical-surgical supplies and personal care equipment – following two days after the first – was coordinated by Osman Conteh.

November 16, 2017, 26’ Box Truck, Dominican Republic.  A 26’ box truck was loaded at the MRS Parkesburg PA warehouse with 13 stretchers, 3 hospital beds, 12 hospital bed mattresses, 4 patient vital signs monitors, an X-ray machine, a procedure chair, and a variety of other medical-surgical supplies and equipment.  These items were being consolidated by Ambiorix Gomez, the Gerente General (General Manager) of MEDISAN S.R.L. in Santiago, Republica Dominicana for further shipment to various hospitals in the Dominican Republic.

November 29, 2017, 40’ Container #SMLU 5461580, Seal # A055663, Dominican Republic.  This container was arranged by Dogenes Molina for Jose A. Gomez Luciano of MEDISAN S.R.L. in Santiago, Republica Dominicana.  The load consisted of 14 hospital beds, 7 stretchers, 2 mobile examination tables, a mobile ultrasound table and a plethora of other medical-surgical equipment and supplies … all urgently needed by various hospitals in the Dominican Republic.

December 11, 2017, container #CMAU 4272974, seal #0720056, Gambia, Africa.  This container was coordinated by Lynn McConville, the Executive Director of Power Up Gambia, for the Sulayman Junkung Hospital and its satellite clinics in Gambia.  The contents included two 3,500-lb Aquion Energy aqueous hybrid ion deep cycle batteries and five 1,140-foot spools of electrical wire provided by Power Up Gambia to outfit the hospital with solar power.  Also loaded into the container was a donated Dodge Caravan minivan for the hospital.  Of course, MRS supplied a plethora of urgently-needed hospital beds, mattresses, patient monitors and other medical-surgical equipment and supplies as well.

December 14, 2017, container #ACLU 9783930, seal # 0720058, Ghana, Africa.  This container was the second one this year coordinated by Dr. Kwaku Amexo of the Brandywine Hospital.  Dr. Amexo has established a close working relationship with the Minister of Health of Ghana, who is helping to clear the contents of the container through Ghanaian Customs and on to various hospitals throughout the country.  This shipment included a Ritter autoclave, 18 manual hospital beds/mattresses, a Hill-Rom Affinity maternity bed, bassinets, glider-rocker chairs and a large assortment of other valuable medical-surgical equipment and supplies.