Mission Relief Feedback From Honduras

Highlights: Report by KHISH: 
Honduras Mission Trip January 9th – 16th, 2010


As usual, we spent a lot of time during 2009 preparing for the trip, fundraising, gathering supplies and making plans for how we can best conduct medical and dental clinics and do construction projects in Honduras. 

We continue to work closely with Central American Relief Effort (C.A.R.E – Steve Mentzer) and with Mission Relief Services, (Jim Harrison) to improve the lives of the people in Honduras. We continue to work with  Engineers Without Borders (E.W.B.). This is a university professor/student organization which is active in the U.S. and in many foreign countries.  They will help improve the water supply in the communities we serve in Puerte Grande and Morocopay. We have established a new relationship with SEE International which is a group of Ophthalmologists who perform cataract surgery in developing countries.


Dr. Len Jensen and his colleagues, Dr. Abby and Dr. Freddie, recent graduates of the Tegucigalpa Dental School conducted dental clinics. They identified many dental problems and corrected some by extraction of the faulty tooth.

We were able to successfully install a new dental chair in the Health Care Clinic in Puerto Grande. This dental chair was donated by Dr. Len Jensen and was transported to Honduras by Mission Relief Services.

A much needed Dental Chair was installed in the Clinic Building in Puerto Grande

Abby and Fred are recently graduated Honduran Dentists who are dedicated to providing dental services to the needy people in the mountains of southwest Honduras .


On Friday January 15th Drs. Len Jensen and Alex Moreno conducted a dental symposium attended by 16 visiting dentists, including a representative from the Tegucigalpa Dental School. Alex Moreno has accepted a position in the health administration of the new government in Honduras headed by newly elected President Lobo. Alex presented his vision of a program to improve the dental health of the Honduran people. Alex will be part of a new government in Honduras which is stable, fair and devoted to the people of Honduras.

Leonard Jensen presented a detailed analysis of dental implant surgery. Everyone appreciated the attention we are giving to dental health in Honduras. The Alex Moreno program for dental health is called the “GIFT OF A SMILE PROGRAM”. Dr. Leyda Callejas,  a recent medical school graduate, translated for the symposium. 

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