Central Hospital of Comrat Raion

PROJECT: A-MD-0801-07-0101-N
Mission Relief Services in Collboration with Counterpart International

Central Hospital of Comrat Raion
2 Romanchenko Street
Town of Comrat

Autonomous Territorial Entity of Gagauzia (UTAG), Moldova

Mr. Mihail Sajin
Country Director
Counterpart International, Inc.

Community and Humanitarian Assistance Program (CHAP)

Central Hospital of Comrat Raion would like to express its sincere gratitude for humanitarian assistance provided under the form of adjustable hospital beds, mattresses, and other hospital equipment.

The donated equipment became extremely useful for us and let us replace the old and outdated hospital beds from surgery department, reanimation and other departments with the new ones.

We hope for further cooperation with Counterpart with the purpose of improving the medical services provided to people of Comrat Raion.

Mr. N. A. Slavutsky
Chief Doctor of the Central Hospital of Comrat Raion

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