Impact Story Central Hospital of Comrat Raion


Mission Relief Services in Collboration with Counterpart International

Central Hospital of Comrat Raion was founded in 1868.  The surgery and tuberculosis departments are still located in a facility built in the XIXth century.  The surgery department was built in the form of letter E.  According to the guards’ sayings, it was done in the name of the Empress Ekaterina II.  The hospital is designed for 253 beds and includes such departments as surgery, traumatology, physiotherapy, isolation, birth, gynecology and others.  Totally, the hospital enrolls 75000 people from Comrat Raion and a part of Gagauzia.  Among the achievements of the hospital it’s worth mentioning the introduction of laparoscopic methods of surgery.  In 2002, applying this method the hospital performed 50 operations without any complications.

 One of the difficulties faced by the hospital is a poor material base caused by the lack of means.  Extremely few funds are allocated for maintenance.  Out of 20 mln. lei, necessary for normal functioning of the hospital, only 7 mln. were allocated.  There is no furniture, necessary equipment, and food products.  The situation with salaries is also very difficult.  “Today it’s January 30, but we haven’t seen the salary for December yet.  Sometimes the salaries are delayed for 6-8 months.” stated one of the employees.

 About Counterpart International the hospital found out when receiving pharmaceuticals in 2000.  Back then the funding was very poor – 40 % and all pharmaceuticals were directed for curing the vulnerable groups of people.  Another donation was received in November 2002.  According to the doctors’ saying, absolutely everything was useful and necessary.  “It’s impossible to emphasize something in particular.  There were received 20 adjustable beds, 30 mattresses, walkers and slippers.  Everything that was received was immediately distributed equally among 4 departments: surgery, recovery, traumatology and maternity departments”, stated Nikolai Slavutsky, the Chief Doctor.

 Till that moment the entire hospital had only 15 adjustable beds.  The Superintendent of traumatology department, Alexandr Petrovsky stated: “After receiving the beds and walkers I have realized that finally I obtained the effective tools for treating my patients, especially those with injured spinal cord and lower extremities.  Before, the patients suffering from such trauma were sleeping on old spiral beds that were curving down to the floor, thus the effectiveness of my treatment was zero.”

 The Superintendent of Maternity Department, Melnik Ellena Mikhailovna said: “The beds and mattresses are very large and comfortable.  They are very handy for nursing mothers after Cesarean birth”.  Until not long ago Comrat hospital was assisted with pharmaceuticals by “Farmaciens sans Frontiers” Mission.  Currently, besides Counterpart, there are no other foreign donors helping our hospital.

The hospital’s personnel is very satisfied with its current collaboration with Counterpart and is planning to find as more sponsors as possible in order to assure a normal work of the hospital, considering the fact that it’s impossible to count on state funding. 

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