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2018 Activity Summary

 “Give sacrificially as God your father has done”

        Mission Relief Services is always expanding our operations. In February 2016 we moved our warehouse operations a few miles west to the former Medical Ministry International (MMI) warehouse on Rte 372 in Parkesburg. This facility under the leadership of Matt Bonk is designed to produce and expedite our specialized cargoes of medical humanitarian aid to mission projects.  The results have been amazing:  in 2016, we shipped out a total of 19 40’ High Cube ocean containers, two 53’ trailers and an 18’ box truck.  In 2017 we shipped out a total of 17 containers and three 26’ box trucks.  Last year (2018) a total of 8 containers and 12 truckload shipments were dispatched from our warehouse.  These shipments went to many developing countries around the world, including:  Benin, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Pakistan, Honduras, Sierra Leone and Syria. 

        We are also grateful for all the hospitals, and our other product donors for their constant and growing participation in our outreach. The quality of materials that we ship continues to create a demand out in the field, as people and groups develop projects for their homelands.

Container Shipped to Dominican Republic

November 8 & 27, 2018, Dominican Republic.  Once again, Mission Relief Services was able to provide urgently-needed medical-surgical supplies and equipment to Diogenes Molina of New York for further shipment to his associates in the Dominican Republic.  We loaded two 16’ box trucks with 5 hospital beds, 7 stretchers, 5 examination tables, 5 dental chairs/stands, 5 dental stools, 5 IV poles, 55 overbed tables, two electric wheelchair/scooters, 22 potty chairs, 6 shower chairs, two benchtop centrifuges and five pallets’ worth of assorted medical-surgical supplies.

Container Shipped to Middle East

October 26, 2018, Middle East.  Mission Relief Services transferred to Rim Bakir and Aloush Yemen of the Narenj Tree Foundation of Norristown PA 9 pallets of assorted medical-surgical supplies, 11 mobile recliner chairs, a patient sleeper chair and a large assortment of recycled suitcases.  These items will be consolidated into larger container loads of humanitarian assistance materials for various displaced communities in several Middle Eastern countries.

Container Shipper to Dominican Republic

October 22, 2018, Dominican Republic.  Another truckload of urgently-needed medical-surgical supplies and equipment was provided to Diogenes Molina of New York for further shipment to his associates in the Dominican Republic.  A 26’ box truck was loaded with two examination chairs, a podiatry chair, 2 cooler-heaters, a tabletop grinder, a hysteroscopy pump, an injector system, and a mobile digital infant scale.  The load was rounded out with a pallet each of used eyeglasses, powder-free examination gloves, surgical masks, tuberculin syringes and assorted medical-surgical supplies.

St Thomas of Villanova Day 2018

st thomas of villanova day of service logo

A World of Thanks to the Alpha Nu Nurses and Villanova University
for another wonderful and productive day of service.

St. Thomas of Villanova was known for his great charity to the poor and marginalized. The Villanova community celebrates its patron saint and his legacy of Caritas – Love – with an annual Day of Service in his name.

Each year, the St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service brings together nearly 5,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and their families working in partnership with neighborhood agencies to perform service throughout Greater Philadelphia. This annual event builds upon the great service performed throughout the year by the Villanova community and exists as a unique way to put its Augustinian ideals into action.

Container Shipper to Sierra Leone

August 27, 2018, container# CMAU 7631907, seal# 0720068, Sierra Leone, Africa. The Healey International Relief Foundation of Lumberton, NJ is very active in Freetown Sierra Leone where they have developed community medicine projects, and supported the rebuilding of the Seruba Hospital complex. We developed this container to match their needs list of hospital. Electric wheelchairs, a stretcher, office and dining room furniture, linens and medical-surgical supplies were shipped in the container. Local priests and nuns help manage the project in Freetown, and the recipients are receiving the finest in care.  This is the fourth project that we shipped for the Healey International Relief Foundation of New Jersey.

Container Shipped to Ghana

August 23, 2018, Ghana.  Ms. Akosua Opoku – an ex-patriate of Ghana – coordinated this container shipment to her compatriots in that West African country.  Included in this shipment were 16 hospital beds, 70+ hospital bed mattresses, four Midmark 100 examination tables, three dozen rolling office chairs, and a plethora of other medical-surgical accessories and supplies.

Container Shipped to Honduras

August 15, 2018, Honduras.  Dr. Bob Sumner – President of Serving at the Crossroads – requested some medical-surgical equipment and supplies from Mission Relief Services to help fill an ocean container he was assembling for shipment to the Central American country of Honduras.  MRS responded by transporting a valuable assortment of items to Dr. Sumner’s facility in Media, Pennsylvania.  Included were 6 mobile recliners, 1 eye stretcher chair, 4 Hill-Rom TranStar stretchers, 15 tables, 74 waiting room chairs 39 assorted uninterrupted power source (UPS) units.