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Mission Relief Ships Container to Belarus

4/7/06: Container #SUDU 4678931 This container was also prepared and shipped for the Beth Messiah Congregation of Loveland, OH. The furniture, bedding, cots from West Chester University, desks from Villanova University all were shipped to Noviy Zavet (New Covenant) Evangelical Church, Building 25, Perevlok Lazo, Minsk, Municipality, 220102, Belarus    $80,688.20

Feedback from the Front Lines: Belarus

Office Location: Belarus

CTP 5794-001: Noviy Zavet (New Testament)

Project Number: Project #02, Minsk, Belarus

Project Name: Mission Relief Services Gantsevichy Raion Territorial

Cargo Description: Medical Amalgamation, Medical Donor Name Recipient Name, New Clothing, Cloth, Hygiene Supplies, and Used Clothing.

Load Date: 21-Dec-05

Distribution: 06-Apr-06

The Gantsevichy Raion territorial medical Amalgamation is a governmental medical services provider. The hospital is located in the Brest Oblast, but very far away from the major local cities. Due to this there is a great lack of funding to buy medical equipment and supplies. The local government is not able to help as this Raion is probably the poorest in the whole country. The sol is not very rich and agriculture is not very productive.

The hospital did not have a lot of modern and new equipment and the local staff was not able to provide an extensive medical assistance to the local population. Now that the hospital received medical equipment and supplies, the hospital was able to fully furnish several new wards to provide more services to patients. Thanks to the furniture (potty chairs the hospital staff was able to improve hygiene conditions in the hospital and make stay in the hospital more comfortable for the patients.

Vyacheslav Sakovich, the head Doctor of the hospital says: “The assistance was very timely and great; we received a lot of the much needed medical furniture, supplies. The most important items for us were beds and wheelchairs – we were able to replace the old “Soviet” metal beds with soft and water-proof mattresses. Now it is very easy to take care of the patients and the hygiene conditions have improved greatly”

Feedback from the Frontlines: Honduras

3/26/07: Feedback from a container shipped to San Lorenzo Honduras. Jorge from Honduras: “hey this people is the most happy that I see in my life, for example the EKG they are almost ready to buy one by 85,000 lps/…half size than yours….and they need 8 ginecologic beds and you send 5… so the director of the hospital was very happy with the chairs because they do not have it for the conference room.”

Jorge is the field coordinator for the Central American Relief Effort, Lancaster, PA

Mission Relief Ships Container to Minsk

3/2/06: Container #GSTU 722200-9 This container of Nursing Home furniture was shipped to Minsk, Belarus for the Beth Messiah Congregation Humanitarian Aid Ministry of Loveland, Ohio. The Sight Invalids Project #18 at the Gantsevichy Raion Territorial Medical Amalgamation, Medical establishment, Building 64, Matrosova Street, Gantsevichi, Brest Oblast,225440, Belarus was the recipient of the patient room furniture that came out  of the Brandywine Hall nursing home in West Chester, PA. 35,245.00

Mission Relief Ships Container to Belize

2/15/06- container #CBFU 440120-1, This shipment was prepared for ADRA. The Adventists Development and Relief Agency of Silver Springs, Maryland, and shipped to Belize, CA. The Adventist have a hospital in Belize City, and surgical items and construction material  was collected by Mission Relief Services and ADRA for the project. Container value $ 4,791.50

Feedback from the Frontlines: Zambia

1/31/06: “I write to acknowledge the receipt of the container of hospital supplies donated for use at our hospital. The contents of the container were found to be valuable and will go along way in alleviating the problem of scarce hospital supplies we are faced with. Thank you very much for the donation and may God bless you.”  Yours sincerely,
Mukuma Kalambo, Executive Director
Macha Mission Hospital, Choma, Zambia

Mission Relief Ships Container to Jamaica

1/27/2006: Container #CSVU 402190-9. This container was shipped to the National Children’s Home, and The Child Development Agency in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. Epworth United Methodist Church of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware developed the contacts and sponsored the shipment. A variety of beds, mattresses, furniture, medical and institutional items were sent to this children’s home in Jamaica. $2,138.00

Mission Relief Ships Container to Guatemala

1/19/2006: Container #CBFU 344807 7. This container was shipped out of the former Alpine Village Nursing Home in Hershey, PA to Guatemala, CA. Mission Relief Services developed the shipment for the Pan American Development Foundation, and HELPS International of Dallas, TX. The furnishings equipped a hospital unit, and teams from Texas often travel there to perform surgery etc. $ 2,500.00

Honduras Medical Mission Trip

Mission Relief Services would like to invite those who have contributed to the success of our mission to join us in a trip to Honduras C.A.

We will be visiting clinics that have received material aid from the generosity of donors to Mission Relief Services. This will be a one week trip from March 10, 2006 to March 17, 2006.

The cost of the trip is $650 for double occupancy and $850 for single occupancy. This does not include airfare which can run between $675-$725.

We stay in comfortable air-conditioned accommodations. Everyday will travel between 45 minutes or more to our mission destination.

We will be greeted by between 150 to 200 people, some who have walked hours for the only medical care they may receive all year. This is a great way to share some of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

For more information on this trip goto or

Contact: Steve Mentzer
Phone: 717-203-4942 or 717-299-4942

Impact Story Central Hospital of Comrat Raion


Mission Relief Services in Collboration with Counterpart International

Central Hospital of Comrat Raion was founded in 1868.  The surgery and tuberculosis departments are still located in a facility built in the XIXth century.  The surgery department was built in the form of letter E.  According to the guards’ sayings, it was done in the name of the Empress Ekaterina II.  The hospital is designed for 253 beds and includes such departments as surgery, traumatology, physiotherapy, isolation, birth, gynecology and others.  Totally, the hospital enrolls 75000 people from Comrat Raion and a part of Gagauzia.  Among the achievements of the hospital it’s worth mentioning the introduction of laparoscopic methods of surgery.  In 2002, applying this method the hospital performed 50 operations without any complications.

 One of the difficulties faced by the hospital is a poor material base caused by the lack of means.  Extremely few funds are allocated for maintenance.  Out of 20 mln. lei, necessary for normal functioning of the hospital, only 7 mln. were allocated.  There is no furniture, necessary equipment, and food products.  The situation with salaries is also very difficult.  “Today it’s January 30, but we haven’t seen the salary for December yet.  Sometimes the salaries are delayed for 6-8 months.” stated one of the employees.

 About Counterpart International the hospital found out when receiving pharmaceuticals in 2000.  Back then the funding was very poor – 40 % and all pharmaceuticals were directed for curing the vulnerable groups of people.  Another donation was received in November 2002.  According to the doctors’ saying, absolutely everything was useful and necessary.  “It’s impossible to emphasize something in particular.  There were received 20 adjustable beds, 30 mattresses, walkers and slippers.  Everything that was received was immediately distributed equally among 4 departments: surgery, recovery, traumatology and maternity departments”, stated Nikolai Slavutsky, the Chief Doctor.

 Till that moment the entire hospital had only 15 adjustable beds.  The Superintendent of traumatology department, Alexandr Petrovsky stated: “After receiving the beds and walkers I have realized that finally I obtained the effective tools for treating my patients, especially those with injured spinal cord and lower extremities.  Before, the patients suffering from such trauma were sleeping on old spiral beds that were curving down to the floor, thus the effectiveness of my treatment was zero.”

 The Superintendent of Maternity Department, Melnik Ellena Mikhailovna said: “The beds and mattresses are very large and comfortable.  They are very handy for nursing mothers after Cesarean birth”.  Until not long ago Comrat hospital was assisted with pharmaceuticals by “Farmaciens sans Frontiers” Mission.  Currently, besides Counterpart, there are no other foreign donors helping our hospital.

The hospital’s personnel is very satisfied with its current collaboration with Counterpart and is planning to find as more sponsors as possible in order to assure a normal work of the hospital, considering the fact that it’s impossible to count on state funding.